United States: Airline to Fly Rock Band and Fans on Coast to Coast Tour

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Southwest Airlines flies Imagine Dragons on a Coast to Coast tour to promote the Grammy-winning band's latest album, and 4 lucky music fans have a chance to hear the band perform at 35,000 feet.

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Imagine Dragons. Photo Credit: Southwest Airlines.


Southwest Airlines will fly the Grammy-winning band Imagine Dragons on a coast to coast tour of the United States, and music fans have a chance to accompany them on part of the tour.

The competition will go live on 3 February 2015 and continue through 16 February.

The winner and 4 friends will be flown to Las Vegas, where they will attend the Imagine Dragons concert. From Las Vegas they will fly to Atlanta, where they will attend another concert and get a chance to meet the band.

The band will also perform during the flight from Las Vegas to Atlanta in a Live at 35 cocnert in the sky.

Concerts are scheduled as follows: 20 February in Los Angeles, California; 21 February in Salt Lake City, Utah; 23 February in Las Vegas, Nevada; and 25 February in Atlanta, Georgia.

Alternative Rock

"We know that music is important to our customers, and our partnership with Imagine Dragons uniquely extends our brand to Customers in a way that fuels that passion," says Anne Murray, Southwest Airlines Senior Director of Marketing Communications.

"Hopefully, when fans want to jet-set across the country to a concert, they'll think of Southwest."

Imagine Dragons is an alternative rock band based in Las Vegas, Nevada. Dan Reynolds in the band's vocalist. Wayne "Wing" Sermon plays the guitar, Ben McKee plays the bass, an Daniel Platzman plays the drums.

The band's first studio Album, Night Visions, reached number 2 on the Billboard 200. It sold more than 2 million copies in the United States alone.

The band's second album, Smoke and Mirrors, will be released on 17 February 2015 the day after the Southwest Airlines sweepstakes closes.

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