Top 12 World’s Safest Airlines for 2015

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Cathay Pacific Airways¬†rated world’s safest airline in the JACDEC 2015 Airline Safety Ranking. Two other airlines in Greater China also make the top 12 plus¬†one airline each in Australia, Japan, and New Zealand.

2014 was not a good year for air travel, especially in the Asia-Pacific.

The number of airline fatalities rose nearly 4 times in 2014 over the number of deaths the year before, and about half of the accidents involved airlines based in the Asia-Pacific.

To wit …

  • A Nepal Airlines DHC-6 goes missing in bad weather on 16 February – 18 fatalilties.
  • A Malaysian Airlines Boeing 777-200 goes missing on 8 March – 239 fatalities.
  • A Malaysian Airlines Boeing 777-200 was shot down near Donetsk, Ukraine, on 17 July – 298 fatalities.
  • A Transasia Airways ATW-72 crash-landed at Penghu Islands Magong Airport in Taiwan on 23 July – 48 fatalities and 10 injuries.
  • An AirAsia Airbus A320-216 crashes on 28 December – 162 fatalities.

Considering these tragedies, it is reassuring to note that the bulk of airlines ranking highly in the 2015 survey for airline safety compiled by the German-based Jet Airliner Crash Data Evaluation Centre (JACDEC) were also from the Asia-Pacific.

Three of the airlines were from Greater China and one airline each was from Australia, Japan, and New Zealand.

Two airlines from Europe, 2 airlines from the Middle East, and 2 airlines from North America rounded out the top 12 airlines on the list.

No airlines from Africa or South America made the top 12.

1. Cathay Pacific Airways – Hong Kong; up from 2nd place last year;

2. Emirates Airline – United Arab Emirates; up from 4th place last year;

3. Eva Air – Taiwan; up from 5th place last year;

4. Air Canada – Canada; up from 9th place last year;

5. KLM Royal Dutch Airlines – the Netherlands; up from 17th place last year;

6. Air New Zealand – New Zealand; down from first place last year;

7. QANTAS – Australia; up from 10th place last year;

8. Hainan Airlines – China; up from 14th place last year;

9. JetBlue Airways – the United States; up from 16th place last year;

10. Etihad Airways – United Arab Emirates; down from 8th place last year;

11. All Nippon Airways – Japan; up from 12th place last year;

12. Lufthansa German Airlines – Germany; up from 18th place last year.

The following airlines dropped off the top 12 list: British Airways (6th place last year); TAP Portugal (7th place last year); Qatar Airways (11th place last year).

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