Canada: Airline to Provide Air Transport to 6 Canadian Ice Hockey Teams

National Hockey League

Six Canadian ice hockey teams sign agreements for national air carrier to fly players to away games. But doesn't Canada have SEVEN ice hockey teams in the National Hockey League??? What about the Edmonton Oilers???

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Air Canada Jetz charered airliner. Photo Credit: Air Canada.


Air Canada will be the official airline of 6 of Canada's professional ice hockey teams under agreements that will run for 6 years. The Edmonton Oilers are NOT included!!!

Say what???

According to the agreements, air transportation will be provided by Air Canada Jetz, Air Canada's in-house, all-Premium Class charter service, which uses mainline Air Canada pilots and flight attendants on all of its flights.

"These agreements reflect the fact that the teams recognize not only Air Canada's reliability but also the superior service offered by Jetz, with such amenities as all-Premium Class seating, dedicated mainline Air Canada crews offering specialized service, in-flight Wifi and the many other benefits enjoyed by Air Canada premium customers," says Benjamin Smith, President of Passenger Airlines at Air Canada.

"Hockey is Canada's game and as Canada's flag carrier, we are pleased to be carrying Canada's best professional teams."

The agreements with the 6 Canadian NHL hockey teams begin at the start of the 2015-16 National Hockey League season.

The following teams are involved: the Calgary Flames, the Montreal Canadiens, the Ottawa Senators, the Toronto Maple Leafs, the Vancouver Canucks, and Winnipeg Jets.

Edmonton Oilers

So what about the Edmonton Oilers? Does anyone know which airline will be flying THOSE hockey players to away games next season? And WHY weren't THEY included in this deal???

An on-line seaarch failed to reveal any results! (If you know, PLEASE leave a comment inthe comment box below!!!)

Whatever …

Air Canada Jetz also provides air transport services to the Colorado Avalanche. And if case you didn't know, that ice hockey team is most definiitely based SOUTH of the Border!!!

The service will be operated by Jetz, Air Canada's in-house charter carrier, which uses Airbus A319 aircraft outfitted with 58-Premium Class seats to offer extra legroom and a private jet-like experience.


Okay, as a so-called linguist, I have ANOTHER issue!!! I have noticed a trend in recent years to substitute a final 's' with a final 'z'. FUN!!! I am NOT a purist, so I have NO problem with this.

Except  …

Whether you call it 'aspirated' (for 's') and 'vibrated' (for 'z') or 'voiced' (for 's') and 'unvoiced' (for z) or WHATEVER …

The plural form of  'jet' has what we used to call a hard 's' sound, which sort of 'explodes' in your mouth,  and not a soft 'z' sound, which unquestionably 'vibrates' in your mouth.

So Jetz is WRONG!!!  It might be trendy, it might be cool, but it does NOT make sense (with a final (soft) 's')!!!

If you are confused, please compare the final sounds in goes, does, and dogs (all of which have a final 'z' sound) with eats, takes, and cats (all of which have a final 's' sound).

The rules are complicated, but native speakers don't have to think about this. They just DO it without giving it a second thought. When it comes to naming a brand, however …

What can I say??? Perhaps you should consult a linguist before naming a brand, because 'Jetz' is just plane WRONG!!!

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