Indonesia: Airline Says Jakarta Will Be Top Spot to Witness Lunar Eclipse

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A total eclipse of the moon, a.k.a. a 'Blood Moon', will take place on 5 April 2015. According to Garuda International, Jakarta will be one of the best places in the world to witness this phenomenon.

Blood_Moon_lunar_eclipse_from_JSC_NASA_Lauren Harnett

From the open prairie at the Johnson Space Center in the United States, a photographer takes a multi-frame composite image of the so-called "Blood Moon" lunar eclipse in the wee hours on 15 April 2014. Photo Credit: NASA/Lauren Harnett.


A total lunar eclipse, a.k.a. a Blood Moon, will occur on 4 April 4 2015. It will be the 3rd out of 4 successive total lunar eclipses to take place between 2014 and 2015.

During a total lunar eclipse, the Sun, Earth, and Moon line up in a straight line, causing the earth to completely stop sunlight from reaching the moon.

Because the Earth’s atmosphere refracts the sunlight, however, the surface of the moon is indirectly lit, causing a 'Blood Moon' to occur.

At blood moon is, in fact, a spectacle spectacle to behold! I saw one in Hong Kong several years ago. Fortunately, it was a clear winter's night, and the view was unobstructed.

The blood moon will be visible on 4 April 2015 in America, Asia, Australia, and the Pacific starting from 6.17 pm, with the peak phase lasting only 5 minutes from 8.00 pm to 8:05 pm Hong Kong time.

Unlike a solar eclipse, which can be harmful to the naked eye, lunar eclipses are completely safe to observe.

According to a press release issued by Garuda Indoensia, Jakarta will be one of the best places to witness this phenomenon. The national airline of Indonesia, Garuda links Jakarta with 40 domestic and 36 international destinations around the world.


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