Thailand: Spa Launches ‘Post Workout Revival’ for Wounded Warriors

Health and Fitness

Whether you run a marathon, spend too much time playing tennis in the tropical sun, or go paragliding over the azure waters in Pattaya – your muscles and your skin need a some tender loving care!


One of several  Deverana Spas. Photo Credit: Dusit International.


Muscles need 48 hours to recover from exercise, and the skin needs about a week to recover from over-exposure to the sun … AT LEAST!!!

When I spent too many hours in the sun on my first day in Bali last year, MY skin – which doesn't usually burn easily – spent THREE WEEKS to recover from over exposure to the sun!!!

And I am someone that rarely gets sun burns because I thought I knew how to take care of my skin!!!

Post Workout Revival


Post Workout Revival therapy at Deverana Spas. Photo Credit: Dusit International.


That is why Deverana Spas – with 4 locations in Thailand and one each in Kenya, the Maldives, and the Philippines – is offering a 'Post Workout Revival' package,which includes …

  • Full body Devarana Massage to relax and stretch muscles;
  • Cooling Aloe Gel Face Mask application to soothe the skin;
  • Warm Coffee and Herbal Bath and cold rain shower to relieve soreness, tone the skin, and widen blood vessels to prevent injury to muscles and tissue.

The treatment will be available at all Devarana Spas from 1 April to 31 May 2015.

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