NBA: Vote Now! Should the Golden State Warriors Stay in Oakland or Move Back to San Francisco?

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The Golden Gate Warriors have been based in Oakland for nearly five decades, but team owners want to build an arena in the Mission Bay district of San Francisco and base the team there. What do you think of their proposal? 


Retired Golden State Warrios jerseys.

The Warriors are a basketball team in the National Basketball Association, better known as the NBA.

The Warriors were founded in 1946. Until 1962, they played in Philadelphia, where they were known as the Philadelphia Warriors. Upon moving to San Francisco in 1962, they were renamed the San Francisco Warriors.

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Oakland Arena – Warriors Current Home


Oracle Arena in Oakland, California – home of the Golden State Warriors. Photo Credit: © BrokenSphere / Wikimedia Commons.

They were renamed the Golden State Warriors in 1971 and have played home games at the Oakland Arena, a.k.a. Oracle Arena, ever since.

They did, however, play home games in San Jose for one year while the Oakland Arena was being remodeled.

The Warriors are one of three professional sports teams based in Oakland. The Oakland Raiders of the National Football League and the Oakland Athletics of Major League Baseball also call the city home.

The Warriors won two championships in Philadelphia and one championship in Oakland in 1974-75.

The Warriors might have only won only one championship in Oakland, but they have done exceptionally well in the stands. They sold out every game last season. Their fans are considered among the most passionate in the NBA.

Proposed Arena in Mission Bay

Despite their success in Oakland, however, the Warriors might be headed back to San Francisco, where they played for 9 years after fleeing Philadelphia.

And there is that other issue … will they remain the Golden State Warriors – or become the San Francisco Warriors??? The team always HAS seemed to be San Francisco wanna-be's …

The plan is highly controversial. East Bay fans are understandably upset.

What do you think? Should the Warriors remain in Oakland, move back to San Francisco – and what about San Jose?

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7 Replies to “NBA: Vote Now! Should the Golden State Warriors Stay in Oakland or Move Back to San Francisco?”

  1. I don’t see anything wrong with the Oakland Arena. The Warriors have been very successful there. Not only that, the transportation is excellent. My second choice would be a new arena in downtown Oakland.


  2. They have been in Oakland all this time. Article said, they have good ticket. Sales. Stay put! If it’s not broke, don’t fix it.


  3. Transportation is great in Oakland, plus San Francisco sucks! Too much traffic ,far to crowed and they have enough money going to that2 that DAMN city,Oakland needs the rerevenue.


  4. Lets face it despite the reconstruction in 1997 of the upper level of the Arena, it is 50 years old starting to show it as well. It is easy to get to the arena however taking BART means a 15 minute walk to the entrance of the Arena. This is about 17,800 people at an S.F. arena not 45,000 at a baseball game. The name Golden State Warriors should be kept as an appeal to the whole Bay Area. Oakland is a secondary city to San Francisco doesn’t mean its a terrible place. I like Oakland Hills, Jack London Square, Lake Merrit.A new arena in S.F. for the franchise coming to its roots again. I feel both cities should consider the Warriors their team whether they play in S.F. or Oakland. I can just hear all the people in Oaklsnd saying they should be Oaklsnd Warriors blah blah, they aren’t San Franciscos team blah, blah, blah, I hate S.F. BLAH, BLAH, BLAH.That be the case so much for two city unity of the team,


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