Foodie Friday: Where to Learn How to Appreciate Japanese Sake


Japan Press Trip Part 9

A shop and school in Kyoto sells a wide selection of sake and sake accessories. It also serves sake and other beverages as well as light snacks, meals, and sweets. Seminars in sake culture are also offered.

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Entrance of Ozu Kyoto – maison de sake in Kyoto, Japan. Photo Credit: Ozu Kyoto – maison du sake.


In the afternoon, travel writers on the Japan Press Trip are taken to Ozu Kyoto – maison du sake, a shop and school, where they are given a short course in sake culture.

We are taken to Ozu Kyoto – maison du sake, where an informative lecture – and several types of sake – await.

Housed in a machiya, or a traditional Kyoto syle trading house, the shop and school opened on 3 November 2015.

There is a retail space selling sake, sake accessories, and other products on the first floor. There is also a bar, where guests can consume sake as well as snacks, sweets, and light meals.

On the second floor is a tatami-floored space, where seminars on sake culture and other kinds of events are held.

Here are some examples of seminar topics …

  • A life with sake and woodworks by traditional Japanese craftsmen;
  • Luxurious time with various sake cups and implements;
  • How to enrich our meals with sake and seasonl elements;
  • Art de vicre with French home-style dishes and sake;
  • Spirt of Japanese hospitality by a traditional geiko.

Lectures are given by experts in their respective fields.

Photo Opps


Sake  bar, where sake, snacks, sweets, and light meals are served. Photo Credit: Ozu Kyoto – maison du sake.



Wooden sake cups and sake vessels. Photo Credit: Ozu Kyoto – maison du sake.



Display of sake for sale at a shop in Kyoto, Japan. Photo Credit: Ozu Kyoto – maison du sake.


Our introduction to sake culture is informative and enjoyable. I am interested to learn, for example, that unlike with wine, the shape of the cup does not effect the sake's flavour. It is primmarily aesthetic consideration.


Ozu Kyoto – maison du sake, 25 Konoe-cho, Kamigyo-ku, Kyoto, Japan. Telephone: +81 (0) 75 411 4102. Shop Website: Ozu Kyoto – maison du saki.

While in Kyoto, Michael Taylor was hosted by the following hotel: ibis Styles Kyoto Station

The hotel is across the street from Kyoto Station. It is 3 kilometres from the city centre.

The hotel is 90 minutes from Osaka Kansai International Airport, 45 miinutes from Osaka International Airport, 80 minutes from Kobe Airport, 2 hours from Nagoya Central Airport, and 50 minutes from Osaka Itami.

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