NFL: Vote Now! Which Football Team Should Move to Los Angeles?

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Three NFL teams are flirting with Los Angeles – the San Diego Chargers, the Oakland Raiders, and the St. Louis Rams. Which one do you think makes the most sense?

Three National Football League teams have shown an interest in relocating to Los Angeles, the nation’s 2nd largest television market – the Oakland Raiders, the St. Louis Rams, and the San Diego Chargers.

All 3 of these American football teams once called the City of Angles home: the Los Angeles Rams from 1946 to 1994, the Los Angeles Chargers for one season in 1960, and Los Angeles Raiders from 1982 to 1994.

And all 3 of these football teams have a significant fan base in Los Angeles.

The Bring Back the Los Angeles Rams page on Facebook has more than 56,000 likes against 37,700 likes for the Keep the Rams in St. Louis fan page.

Compare that to the 7,777 plus likes on the Bring Back the Los Angeles Raiders fan page. There are only 624 likes on the Bring Back the Los Angeles Chargers fan page. (These figures are as of 18 December 2015.)

Are the Rams moving to LA? That’s what Los Angeles Rams fans hope and St Louis Rams fans dread. It could happen if a St Louis Rams stadium doesn’t materialize in the Show Me State.

Are the Oakland Raiders and San Diego Chargers moving to LA? Will the 2 American football teams  share a football stadium in Carson? Or might one of them share a Rams stadium in Inglewood?

St Louis Rams Stadium

The city of St. Louis committed on 18 December 2015 to spending US$150 million to build a new NFL stadium — even though there’s no NFL team committed to playing in St. Louis.

Talk of an Oakland Raiders stadium in Oakland is still just talk, but talk of a Chargers stadium in San Diego has a bit more teeth to it.

Could Los Angeles get one, 2, or even all 3 of these National Football League teams back?

Not that the NFL has ever shown much interest in what the fans think, but what DO the fans think?



37 Replies to “NFL: Vote Now! Which Football Team Should Move to Los Angeles?”

  1. The Bring Back the L.A. Raiders group is one just one of many Raiders to L.A. groups. Adding them all together will give you the more accurate “Likes” tally (easily in the tens of thousands).
    It’s similar situation with the L.A. Chargers. The cited in this article was only created a month or two ago and is not the primary page for their fans in Los Angeles. You’d have to add up all the various Chargers pages to get the real numbers. And this also doesn’t even count all the San Diegans who would still attend their games in Carson. Even the team’s unofficial mascot, Boltman, has stated that he would buy season tickets and travel to L.A. should the team move.
    I never believed the “48,000” Likes for the L.A. Rams group. Where are all of them “in real life” then? I honestly see, at most, one person wearing Rams gear in L.A. on a monthly basis. Even perennially bad teams with no connection to SoCal (such as the Dolphins and Bills) seem to have more fans in Los Angeles than the Rams. They are either in suburban Orange County (where the Rams spent their final 15 years in California) or that group has purchased Likes (a common scandal now amongst Facebook groups desperate for attention).
    The Raiders and Chargers are easily the best fit for Los Angeles since they both spent their entire lives in the state. And will be the two to move to Carson. No doubt about it.

  2. Raiders belong in LA, bottom line it is better for the franchise.
    Oakland failed the franchise on so many levels.
    Oakland/NorCal fans always talk about how the Raiders have history there but they also have rich history in Los Angeles the very place where the Raiders won their last superbowl and the only LA team to win it as well.
    As for all these numerous mysterious Rams fans from LA that only seemed to be found on the internet…you very rarely see one in person in LA at all it is a surprise when you do see one.
    Raider fans you see everywhere in LA whether you love us or hate us our presence is felt and beating in heart of Los Angeles.
    I once supported the Rams coming back to LA along with the Raiders however I do not any longer due to their dishonest tactics to distort online polls and teaming up with the biased LA sports media who absolutely loathes the Raiders and will skew the truth in order to keep the Raiders out of LA and give the illusion that LA welcomes the Rams with open arms.
    The Rams and their fans view the Raiders as a threat because they were like the forgotten sibling of LA when both teams were here similar to how the Clippers have always been to the Lakers.

  3. I also was happy for these mysterious L.A. Rams fans a year or so ago when the talk of them moving back to California was growing. But after witnessing their behavior online (extremely condescending and arrogant) I now want nothing to do with them in L.A. ever again. They act like all 20 million people in Greater Los Angeles are hardcore Rams fans and that no other team that played here ever counted. When you point out how many fans there are of the Raiders and every NFL team in Los Angeles you get screamed and sworn at. They are like spolied brats. We don’t a team or fans like that here.

  4. If there is so much love for Raiders in Oakland, why didn’t Oakland give them a stadium? Why do Raiders want to leave Oakland? If you really cared about Raiders you want them to go to L.A. Better stadium, more money and better players, we ,won’t be the butt of nfl jokes anymore!

  5. Raiders dnt belong in la the rams belong here their the first nfl team that was n la fuck the raiders nd chargers both shitty team rams forsure have better records every year

  6. The Rams are a viable,profitable team in St.Louis. The Raiders have been struggling for a long time. They are already in Calif.
    St.Louis lost the Cardinals to Arizona, and waited years to get a team back.
    Does Calif. really need 4 teams?
    The ones supporting the Rams back in LA are worried about the cost of a stadum to the taxpayers, if you want a team so badly, there is a cost.
    What type of true fan thinks about the cost to the taxpayers. What about the revenue?They want the Rams back because the owner is going to use all his own money? Some fan.

  7. You are so confused. The issue of tax dollars is very real in St. Louis. Not in Inglewood. There are no public funds at stake with this project. As for your contention that 4 teams in California are too many, again, your argument looses steam. The Rams, Raiders, Chargers and 49ers were all in California for almost a half century prior to 1995. So I frankly don’t understand where in the world you got that idea from. Having said that, one could actually use that very same argument in reverse. For example, why should a small Midwestern state have two NFL teams when other Midwestern states either don’t have any, or when some have just one ? In fact, in itty bitty places such as that, one team often has the following of an entire region. So if the Chiefs became the Missouri Chefs, then you’d have a regional team just like the Packers.

  8. We would all like to see the Rams back because we were and still are staunch Ram fans! If we continued to support them in St Louis then certainly it would be a treat to have them here in LA where they spent a long tenure before Georgia took them to back east. If St. Louis is a profitable city for a team then I am sure that in the event the Rams leave you will get another team to move there, possibly the Raiders, Jaguars, Chargers or an expansion team.


  10. Don’t root for the L.A. RAMS than,keep rooting for the lowly raiduuuuhs owned by Tommie boy because they will still be in Oakland where they belong.We as RAM fans are not invisible,our rallys are strong.Where ever I go I wear my L.A.RAMS colors and people come up and tell me that they sure hope the RAMS come home,that they don’t want the lowly raiduuuhs here.Most of the time, you only see raiduuuh fans wearing their colors when they get a small winning streak going.Thats usually when you hear them say orale homes the raiduuuhs are going to the super bowl!Face it the RAMS are coming home whether you like it or not!! L.A. RAMS por vida!!!!

  11. St. Louis is offering the NFL a second brand new stadium downtown in the last 20 years. NFL relocation policy and procedures say a team owner must exhaust all option in his “home territory” before being allowed to relocate to another city. The owner of the Rams has come nowhere near meeting that criteria. Do rules matter in the NFL? Or are they only for the the players and not the owners. St. Louis has supported this team in spite of it having the worst record in NFL history over a 5 year stretch. The Rams have not had a winning season or a playoff appearance in 11 years. Yet the fans have turned out 58K strong on average. St. Louis fans should not lose our team just because the owner, married to a Walmart heir and worth $15 billion, wants to be even richer. He made most of his new money from strip malls in Missouri and from Rams fans. So now he wants to spend it in LA! The Rams must stay in St. Louis and play in the new stadium we are offering to build. We love football. We should not be punished just because the baseball team is good at the moment. Our DNA is no different than other cities. We are a football loving town. We are a sports town. We don’t have mountains or beaches — we have sports. St. Louis is about 3 million metro area, about the same as Denver. Our current stadium is only 20 years old, not much older than the one in Denver. Is this the new rule — if the owner is terrible and puts a terrible team on the field, and the stadium is 20 years old or more, the team can be ripped away to another bigger city? Is Denver next? Will San Antonio + Austin take Denver’s team next?

  12. Ur talking about exhausting every option what about ur city saying fuck you about the arbitration ruling , that means nothing right ur city can say F U to a contract they signed to have the best deal to ensure they received the Rams . Stop bitching u had ute chance should have spent the 750 million huh?

  13. The Chargers belongs in San Diego, The Raiders belongs in Oakland,The 49ers belong in San Francisco are old history and now new Rams should move to Los Angeles .. If change something then we are waste to buy other sport at shop or something so better stay that way as keep going u know what I mean??

  14. One thing u guys need to understand is that we live in a different era now. The nfl has grown and has never been more popular now. There are, and have always been many loyal LA RAMS fans here in SoCal. Not just in LA County alone, but throughout all of SoCal even after Giorgia took them from LA. All the Loyal fans stayed true to the rams and now THEIR KIDS!! Grew up as Rams Fans and are still Rams fans. The Rams will always be a part of LA and the support is there and it will only grow. LA doesnt want the raiders back let alone the chargers. The Rams will be back in LA soon, and LA will welcome them with open arms.

  15. Tucson Sam…….Evidently, you know zero, or less than zero about the arbitration clause in the lease. It was binding to the Rams. NON binding for STL’s CVC!! Plus, it would have made no sense whatsoever to invest $750 million into a stadium with just 10 years remaining on the lease. Instead, STL is saying, “We have a better idea, let’s build a new stadium and you, ESK, kick in 1/4 of the funding. Try to get some knowledge before you post gibberish.

  16. Rams are not coming back. Before they left SoCal they were an Orange County team. They left the city of LA 20+ years before going to St Louis. They are not LA’s team. That’s like trying to compare the Angels is LA’s team against the Dodgers. I rarely see Rams fans anywhere in SoCal but I sure as hell see a lot Raiders fans here. The will need to move back to Anaheim if they want to be successful not LA LA is Raiders territory. actually much of LA metro belongs to the raiders. Rams por vida..what a fuckin joke. Raider nation is bigger and stronger compared to the sorry ass Lambs.

  17. as always,the stank louis fans are in denial that they are losing their second NFL team.Rams are coming back to LA where they belong,deal with

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