United States: Airline Throws Weight Behind Marriage Equality


United Airlines not only actively takes part in LGBT Pride parades, festivals, and other activities during LGBT Pride Month, the airline has also taken a strong stand in support of marriage equality.

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San Francisco International Airport. Photo Credit: United States.


June is LGBT Pride Month, and a growing number of airlines and other companies are taking part in parades, sponsoring events, and hosting celebrations.

Throughout the month of June, employees of United Airlines will take part in LGBT Pride festivals and parades in 5 of the airline's key hubs  …

  • Chicago, Illinois (the parade starts at 12 noon on Sunday 28 June);
  • Denver, Colorado (the parade starts at 9.30 am on Sunday 21 June);
  • Houston, Texas (the parade starts at 8.30 pm Saturday 27 June);
  • New York, New York (the parade starts at 12 noon on Sunday 2015); and
  • San Francisco, California (starts at 10.30 am on Sunday 28 June).

The airline will also host celebrations for passengers and employees in Chicago; Denver; Houston; Newark, New Jersey; and San Francisco, as well as in 2 cities in Brazil: Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paulo.

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Corporate Social Responsibility

But the airline is doing more than marching in the parades and taking part in the festivities.

As a part of the carrier's strong commitment to corporate social responsibility, of which inclusion and diversity are strong elements, it has also taken a firm stand in support of marriage equality.

"United Airlines is proud to stand up for marriage equality in the United States," says United's Chairman, President and CEO Jeff Smisek.

"At United, we foster an inclusive and diverse culture, where every employee is accepted, valued, respected, and treated fairly. While fully inclusive equal employment, workplace benefits and non-discrimination policies have been part of our company's culture for many years, it is time for our nation to have a uniform marriage rule that gives equal dignity to same-sex couples."

In March 2015, the airline joined hundreds of other U.S. corporations by signing an amicus brief urging the U.S. Supreme Court to support same-sex marriage.

A ruling is expected soon. Will it be made during LGBT Pride Month? Depending on the outcome, you can expect either joyous celebrations – or angry protests.

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