Russia: Can Russian Airline Challenge Dominance of Middle Eastern Carriers?

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Can Aeroflot Russian Airlines – with its growing hub at Moscow Airport – challenge the dominance of such Middle Eastern carriers as Emirates, Etihad, and Qatar in the lucrative East-West travel market?

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Boeing 777-300ER taxies on the tarmac at Sheremetyevo International Airport. Photo Credit: Aeroflot Russians Airlines.


Aeroflot Russian Airlines has taken delivery of a new Boeing 777-300ER direct from the factory. It is the 13th of 16 Boeing 777-300ER's (extended range) that the airline has ordered.

According to Aeroflot, the airliner will be deployed on long-haul routes from Moscow, Russia, to such travel destinations as East Asia and North America.

With the acquisition of 13 extended range aircraft – and 3 more on the way, can Aerofllot start to pose a challenge to the dominance of such Middle Eastern carriers as Emirates Airline, Etihad Airways, and Qatar Airways in the lucrative East-West travel market? 

Emirates has a hub at Dubai International Airport. Etihad Airways has a hub at Abu Dhabi Internatioal Airport. Qatar Airways has a hub at Doha International Airport.

East-West Transit

All 3 hubs act as important transit points for passengers flying between Asia, Europe, and other travel destinations.

Aeroflot, meanwhile, maintains a hub at Moscow's Sheremetyevo International Airport, which is becoming an increasingly important transit point for travel between Asia and the West.

If Aeroflot has an advantage, it is the airline's young fleet, the youngest of any of the world's major airlines. The airline also has an excellent on-time arrival record.

Aeroflot was named the world's most punctual airline by Flightstats in 2014. And Moscow Airport has been recognized as one of the best airports in Europe.

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Talking Points

Have you ever flown in a Boeing 777-300ER? Could you notice any differences in the in-flight experience?

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