Sports: Strength in Numbers, 1 Million Strong!

National Basketball Association

Golden State Warriors basketball fans give new meaning to this year's slogan, "Strength in Numbers" by flooding into  Oakland  and turning the city's upscale Uptown district into a sea of Blue and Gold.

There were double decker buses and cable cars. There were marching bands and cheerleaders. There were city mayors and other political heavy weights. Why, there were even several basketball players and their families, and one of them was carrying a darling little 2 year girl! Did she get stage fright?

As each player passed, the crowd roared, and canons shot blue and gold confetti into the air.

Was this Oakland's proudest moment?

National Spotlight

As Oakland basked in the national spotlight under a perfect azure sky, a commentator at NBC put it best: "The City has never looked better." And "The City" he was referring was Oakland, not San Francisco.

Another commentator  described the event as "a combination of a Raiders game, a Grateful Dead festival, and hip hop concert. It was 100% Warriors style."

Maybe he should have said, "100% 2015 Warriors style". The team, after all, hasn't won an NBA championship since 1975.

And the victory celebration that year was held in San Francisco, not Oakland – even though the team had moved from San Francisco to Oakland a few years earlier.

Pyrrhic Victory

There hasn't been a victory parade in Oakland since the Raiders won the Super Bowl in 1981, and that was a Pyrrhic Victory if there ever was one. The team moved to Los Angeles the following year.

While the Oakland Athetics swept the San Francisco Giants in the 1989 World Series, there were no public victory  celebrations. The region was still in mourning for the victims of the  Loma Preta Earthquake, which occurred half way through the series.

My hats off to the organizers of the parade. The parade route could NOT have been better. It looked pretty spectacular on television. You did Oakland proud.

As that commentator put it, Oakland has never looked so good.  My only regret is that I had to watch the parade on television. I would give anything to have been one of those one in a million – one of those a million to one.

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