Britain: Ex-Footballer Predicts Chelsea Will Win the Premier League

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A former England footballer makes predictions about the 2015/16 Premier League season, comments on this summer's signings, and celebrates the growing popularity of football,, in Asia.

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Peope-aviation-Gary_Lineker c Wilde Fry

Ex-Footballer Gary Lineker sits in the First Class section of a British Airlines airlner. Photo Credit: British Airways


As the 2015/16 Premier League season gets underway, British Airways puts Gary Lineker, ex-England Footballer and Television Pundit, in the First Class Hot Seat, asking him to make predictions about who will win the Premier League this football season.

“For the Premier League, I’ll probably go for Chelsea again," Gary says.

"They’ve strengthened a bit and they were so dominant last season. I’ve got a feeling for Manchester United for the FA Cup, and my old club Spurs for the League Cup – it’s about time they won something.”

Considering this summer's big money signings, Gary thinks Manchester United's Schweinsteiger will be interesting to watch.

"Sterling going to Manchester City is going to be really interesting," he says.

"A lot of money – but if he realises the potential that he has, he might turn out to be a bargain!”

Popularity of Football in Asia

Gary is encouraged by the growing popularity of football, which the Americans call soccer, in Asia. He says an increasing number of Asian fans are travelling to England to watch games live.

"The increase in interest in Asia means more people are coming here to watch our football, or becoming interested in our football, which is fantastic and believe me it’s worth the journey." Gary says.

“If you can get tickets for a derby game, you’ll experience an atmosphere like never before. It’s electric. Witnessing a game where it means so much is really special; the speed, the pace, the physicality of the football, will be something that lives with you forever.”

Proximity of Airports to Stadiums

London has 2 major international airports: Gatwick and Heathrow, and Heathrow is closest to Central London, where Arsenal, Chelsea, and Totthenham play home matches.

Arsenal plays home games at Emirates Stadium. The 60,000 seat stadium is 23 miles from Heathrow Airport and 32 miles from Gatwick Airport.

Chelsea plays home games at Stamford Bridge. The 41,837 seat stadium is 14 miles from Heathrow Airport and 27 miles from Gatwick Airport.

Totthenham Hotspur plays home games at White Hart Lane. The 36,240 seat stadium is 25 miles from Heathrow Airport and 35 miles from Gatwick Airport.

Air China, British Airways, Cathay Pacific Airways, China Eastern Airines, China Southern Airlines, Singapore Airlines, Thai Airways, and Virgin Atlantic are among the number of airlines flying nonstop between key Asian cities and London Heathrow Airport.

Etihad Airway and Qatar Airways fly betwen London Heathrow Airport and key Asian cities by way of their hubs at airports in the Middle East.

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Talking Points

Who do you think will win the Premier League this season?

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2 Replies to “Britain: Ex-Footballer Predicts Chelsea Will Win the Premier League”

  1. We are spoilt in London as there are 5 London teams in the Premier League this season (15/16) – 6 if you count nearby Watford! But what about the other cities with teams in the Premier league? Does anyone fly from Asia to Birmingham (for West Brom or Aston Villa) or Manchester (United or City). I’m presuming no-one flies to Norwich!


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