Sports: Which Football Team Owns the West Coast?

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Chargers? Forty Niners? Raiders? Rams? Seakhawks? Four NFL teams are based on the West Coast and a 5th team claims a massive fan base there. So which team owns the coast? Vote in our poll now!

If there is one thing that unites the United States West Coast, it is a passion for football. But team loyalties on the coast are divided among 5 teams: the Chargers, the Forty Niners, the Raiders, the Rams, and the Seahawks.

There is a regional rivalry between Oakland Raider fans and San Francisco Forty Niner fans in Northern California.

The Southland is divided among fans loyal to the Chargers, Raiders, and Rams. All 3 football teams played in Los Angeles for at least one season, and all 3 football teams have expressed an interest to returning to the City of Angels.

There is a town rivalry among Raiders fans. Some want to keep the team in Oakland, and some the team to move back to Los Angeles, where they played for 13 football seasons.

San Diego has something of a split personality, with half the fans supporting the home team and half supporting the Raiders. When the Raiders play at Qualcomm Stadium theere are sometimes more Raider fans than Charger fans.

Only the Seattle Seahawks – the youngest NFL team on the West Coast and the only team in the Pacific Northwest – can claim a relatively “stable” fan base.

Needless to say, one other issue complicates the loyalty situation on the West Coast. Many people living there have migrated from other parts of the country and remain loyal to their hometown’s team.

All of which begs the question: When it comes to football, WHICH TEAM owns the West Coast?

First a review of the teams – in alphabetical order to keep things objective …


Founded in 1960, the Chargers played one season in Los Angeles before moving to San Diego, where they have played ever since. They are the only team currently playing in Southern California.

The Chargers have made it to the Super Bowl only once, losing to the San Francisco 49ers by a score of 59 to 26 in Super Bowl XXIX.

The Chargers have threatened to move back to the Los Angeles area and share a stadium with the Raiders unless a new football stadium can be built in America’s Finest City.

Forty Niners

Founded in 1946, the San Francisco 49ers are one 2 National Football League teams playing in Northern California.

Following the 2013 season, the Niners moved from San Francisco and now play games in Santa Clara County. But the team is still associated with the City by the Bay.

The San Francisco 49ers have won the Super Bowl 5 times: in 1981, 1984, 1988, 1989, and 1994.


Founded in 1960, the Raiders have called 2 cities home: Oakland and Los Angeles. They played in Oakland from 1960 through 1981.

The football team played in Los Angeles for 13 seasons, from 1982 through 1994. They returned to Oakland in 1995 and have played there ever since.

Because of their tenure in both Oakland and Los Angeles, the team has a substantial fan base in both Northern California and Southern California.

While claiming he would prefer to keep the Raiders in Oakland, the team’s owner says he would consider moving back to the Los Angeles area and sharing a stadium with the Chargers if a new football stadium is not built in Oakland.

The Oakland/Los Angeles Raiders have won the Super Bowl 3 times: 1976, 1980, and 1983.


Founded in 1936, the Rams played in Cleveland for 10 years before moving to Los Angeles in 1946. They played in Southern California for 48 years before moving to St. Louis in 1995.

Rams fans in Southern California maintain that the team still has a substantial fan base in the Southland, and the team’s owner is hoping to have a new football stadium built in the Los Angeles area to accommodate the team.

The Rams won Super XXXIV in 1999 by a score of 23 to 16 against the Tennessee Titans.


Founded in 1976, the Seattle Seahawks are the only National Football League based in the Pacific Northwest, drawing support from fans in Alberta, Alaska, British Columbia, Idado, Montana, and Oregon.

Referred to as “the 12 man”, Seahawks fans reputedly the noisiest fans in the National Football League.

The Seahawks won Super Bowl XLVIII against the Denver Broncos by a score of 43 to 8 in 2013.



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