Sports: Musical Group to Perform at 15th Annual Crab Fest on 13 November 2015

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A musical group based in Chico, California, comprises 5 talented musicians, who are all also die-hard fans of the Oakland Raiders. They will headline the Biletnikoff Crab Fest in San Ramon on 13 November.

Decades was formed on 3 October 2010, and this upcoming 3 October will mark the band’s 5 year anniversary. They have been based in Chico, California, the entire time and average 125 shows a year.

Located in the Sacramento Valley, Chico is 167 miles by car, or 267 kilometres, from Oakland. The drive takes about 2 hours and 45 minutes.

Decades comprises the following musicians, and all 5 of them are die-hard fans of the Oakland Raiders …

  • Samantha Francis – Vocals, Rhythm Guitar, Harmonica, Flute, Piano, Percussion;
  • Ben Ruttenburg – Vocals, Piano, Rhythm Guitar;
  • Will Watje – Vocals, Lead Guitar, Saxophone, Piano, Slide Guitar;
  • Tobias Brooks – Vocals, Bass;
  • Billy DiBono – Drums.

The group performed at the Biletnikoff Golf Invitational Fundraiser in Pleasanton, California, in April 2015 and will play at the 15th Annual Biletnikoff Crab Fest on 13 November in San Ramon, California.

The group also performed at the Boys and Girls Club Fundraiser put on by Raiders Legend Mike Tice at Carson Valley Inn Casino in Minden, Nevada, in June 2015.

The band, which is happy to wear Raiders garb at performances, can play at all kinds of events and venues – from fundraisers, weddings, and company parties to casinos and nightclubs.

About the only kind of event the band would NOT consider playing at would be a San Francisco 49ers event, laughs Drummer and Band Leader Billy DiBono.

“Our Manager Don DiBono has been putting together Raider bus trips for families, friends, and casinos for years,” Billy says.

“He decided to email our website to the Entertainment Director of the Raiders, who then forwarded it to Angela Bilitnikoff, who then chose us for their Pleasanton fundraiser! After playing it, they immediately hired us for their crab fest this upcoming November.”

Take Me Back

The band’s first album, “Take Me Back”, has independently sold more than 1,500 copies.

“Our first album is a 50’s themed album, which features both covers and originals, and the originals were inspired by 50’s music,” Billy says.

The band will release a second album on 6 November. It will have a 60’s theme and will also have some 60’s inspired originals.

“We recorded with a lady named Sylvia Massy, who is a Grammy-nominated producer for artists such as Prince, Johnny Cash, Tool, and Red Hot Chili Peppers,” Billy says.

“We released a movie called “Decades 2013: Road to 125 Shows”, which follows the band throughout the entirety of 2013 to see if we can accomplish a goal to play 125 shows in one year. It recently won 2nd Place for ‘Best Documentary Feature’ at the Louisville Film Fest, and also has been recently accepted in the ‘Laughlin International Film Fest’ for this upcoming October in Nevada.”



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