Sports: Southern Raider Fans Plan Summer Beach Bash in Biloxi!

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Oakland Raiders fans in the Southern United States are planning an all weekend summer beach party on the Mississippi Gulf Coast. Raider fans are asked to bring donations for charity. There will also be a silent auction.


Board members of the Southern Alliance of Raider Nation. Photo Credit: Southern Alliance of Raider Nation.

The Southern Alliance of Raider Nation will throw a two-day Summer Beach Bash on Friday 10 June and Saturday 11 June 2016 in Biloxi, Mississippi.

Jennifer Norris is President of the Mississippi Gulf Coast Raider Nation and Secretary and Treasurer of Southern Alliance of Raider Nation (S.A.R.N.).

She is also organizer of a beach bash planned for Biloxi, Mississippi, on 10 and 11 June 2016.

Events will include a Meet and Greet on Friday as well as a Summer Beach Bash on Jones Beach on Saturday afternoon and a Silver and Black Party at the Mississippi Gulf Coast Convention and Exhibition Center on Saturday evening.

Jones Beach


Jones Beach, Biloxi, Mississippi. Photo Credit: Southern Alliance of Raider Nation.

When I got the news of this epic event, I got in touch with S.N.A.R.N., who put me in touch with Jennifer.

I was full of questions. A transcript of our on-line interview follows:

How did the Southern Alliance of Raider Nation come about?

Southern Alliance of Raider Nation (S.A.R.N) was formed by the presidents of the Southern and East Coast Raider fan clubs last year during the Nashville game against the Tennessee Titans.

We had all met on Facebook and joined in conversation to put this thing in motion …

Can you run some numbers past me?

Together as of right now we have 11 chapters, and it’s growing every day! We have recognized booster clubs and small hometown booster clubs that are excited to see this thing through.

An exact number of members I cannot give you right now, but as of right now, with all the chapters involved, it’s well over 500 members. We have even branched out to Arizona, as well!

According to my calculations, there are 11 NFL teams in the Southern United States. Why a Raiders fan club in the South when you’ve got so many football teams of your own down there?

Well, the love for the Raiders is all over the world, and we are many! So why not?? LOL!

There are a lot of military bases down here also, and a lot of military members are also Raiders fans, and they come and watch the games with us also in all of our chapter bars.

And with the influx of the Hispanic community in Texas, Louisiana, and Mississippi, it’s not hard to find Raiders fans anymore.

How did the idea of a beach party come about?

We were all talking around the table and discussing how we were going to get our name (S.A.R.N) out there and get more people and chapters involved, and I and another President, Ty Brown of the South Mississippi Raiders Fan Club, came up with the idea of an All Weekend Beach Party.

So then I started doing my research on what all it would take to make it happen, and there you have it. It’s going to be epic!!!

Why did you choose Biloxi?

Biloxi has beautiful beaches and casinos and a lot of stuff to do. It’s kid friendly and laid back.

It’s also central to all that is east of the Mississippi River so come join us for something different that Raider Nation has never encountered before.

Any idea of have many people you are hoping will attend?

As of right now with advanced ticket sales and hotel bookings, we are expecting around 300, but as time gets closer to the event I’m expecting that number to double.

Anything else you would like to add?

Yes! We would like to emphasize the charity that we will be sponsoring, the South Mississippi Humane Society. We are asking people to bring donations for their facility plus we are doing a silent auction and all proceeds will benefit them. #RN4L!



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