Which Football Team Owns the West Coast – Raiders, Seahawks, Chargers, Rams, or 49ers?


Rams vs, Raiders, which team owns Los Angeles?

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The Oakland Raiders (9 -2), Seattle Seahawks  (7 – 3), San Diego Chargers ((5 – 6), Los Angeles Rams (4 – 7), or San Francisco 49ers (1 – 10) – going into week 13 of the NFL season,  which football owns the West Coast?

The Oakland Raiders got the second highest ranking in week 13 of the NFL Power Rankings  after the Dallas Cowboys. Does that mean the Silver and Black own the Wesr Coast?

Let’s ask the fans!

The Rams are back in Los Angeles, the Raiders are flirting with Las Vegas, and voters in San Diego didn’t vote to fund a  new stadium for the Chargers.

Seattle is still a contender, and the once mightly 49ers – with only one win all season – is ranked 31st out of 21 teams. Only the winless Cleveland Browns is ranked lower.

And they haven’t won one game all season!

But fan loyalties aren ‘t just about win-lsss records. If you live on the West Coast, which team owns YOUR heart?


Levi Stadium in Santa Clara, California, home of the San Francisco 49ers.


Seattle Seahawks fans are known as the team’s 12th man.


San Diego Chargers fans at Qualcomm Stadium in San Diego.

Which raises an important question: which football team owns the West Coast – the Chargers, 49’ers, Raiders, Rams, or Seahawks? I’m taking a poll to find out!

I can’t stop you from voting more than once, so I won’t even try.

Vote early and vote often!

Teams are listed in alphabetical order.

Which Football Team Owns the West Coast?


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