Accommodation Review: Mr Holidays Hotel Boracay


Here I am (second from left) with staff at Mr Holidays Hotel Boracay in the Festive Philippines.

Festive Philippines

A two-star boutique hotel on the shores of White Beach in Boracay, Philippines, offers simple accommodation, yummy breakfasts. friendly service, and a spectacular location at bargain-basement prices.

Following five hosted nights at luxurious five-star hotels along one of the world’s most beautiful beaches, I wasn’t ready to leave Boracay. I decided to strike out on my own and see how the other half lives.

I had become friendly with the staff at the Discovery Shores, where I had spent my first three nights in Boracay. One of them suggested I try the budget hotel next door.

Mr Holidays Hotel Boracay, as the hotel is known, is a two-star hotel with a five star location. Because of the hotel’s small size, its rooms are actually closer to the beach than the rooms at the more expensive hotels on either side.


The hotel has 15 rooms across four floors. Rooms have cable TV, air-conditioning, small refrigerators, and complimentary Wi-Fi.

With the exception of family rooms, rooms have private “open plan” bathrooms, which are typical at budget hotels throughout many parts of Asia.

In other words, the toilet, sink, and shower are situated within the same space. If truth be told, the studio flat I rented for four weeks in Stockholm, Sweden, had a similar setup.

I stayed in a standard room, which measured 13 square metres. It had a double bed. It was appropriate for one or two people.

There are two types of superior rooms: 15-square-metre rooms with one double bed and 21-square-metre rooms with two double beds.

Deluxe rooms have private balconies. They also come in two sizes: 18-square metres with one queen size bed and 21-square metres wth two double beds.

Family rooms can accommodate several people. Measuring 43 square metres, they have three double beds. Bathrooms have separate toilets and showers.

Food and Beverage

The hotel had a charming little café right on the beach called Blue Waves Beach Bites. Simple breakfasts were complimentary.

There was a choice of entries, which  included fruit, eggs, and some kind of meat as well as Nescafe Blend and Brew instant coffee.

There was another beachfront cafe called Beach Bites Pizza – Grill, which had a slightly more extensive menu.

I enjoyed several simple but very tasty dinners at the the Beach Bites cafe in the evening during my five-night stay at the hotel.


The hotel is located on Station 1 of White Beach, which is considered Boracay’s most prestigious location.

Click here for more information on the location: Station One, White Beach, Boracay

How to Get There

There are two airports serving Boracay, a domestic airport and an international airport. Click here for more information on transportation between Station One, White Beach, Boracay, and the two closests airports: How to Get to Boracay Airports

The Verdict

It goes without saying that my room at Mr Holidays didn’t hold a candle to the rooms I stayed in at Discovery Shores or The Lind.

Neither did the breakfasts or the other facilities.

But the staff were warm and friendly. I felt right at home. You couldn’t beat the location. And you sure couldn’t beat the price.

My stay at the hotel was entirely self-funded.


Mr Holidays Hotel, Station 1, White Beach, Balabag, Boracay Island, Malay, Aklan Province, Philippines.

Check room rates and guest reviews on your favourite booking website:

TripAdvisor/Mr Holidays – Holidays

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