Cheap Eats at Nai Yang Beach, Phuket, Thailand (and the Sunsets Are Free)

Rubbing shoulders with the five star resorts lining Nai Yang Beach in Phuket, Thailand, are dozens of informal eateries lining the beach and nearby alleys. The food is yummy, the prices are modest, and there is lots of variety. Best of all are those gorgeous sunsets. 

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Nai Yang Beach is located in Northwestern Phuket, just 10 minutes south of Phuket International Airport.

Unlike some Patong Beach and some of Phuket’s other beaches, Nai Yang Beach is relatively quiet, with few bars and clubs.

It is, however,  especially popular with locals, who often have picnics there on weekends.

Casuarina trees provide shade along much of the beach, especially within those areas that comprise Nai Yang National Park and Sirinath National Park.

Located at the Southern end of the beach, Phuket Marriott Resort and Spa, Nai Yang Beach, is the only hotel situated right on the beach.

The hotel provides lounges chairs and beach umbrellas to hotel guests.

The Slate, formerly known as Indigo Pearl, Cachet Resort Dewa Phuket, and Naiyang Park Resort are located across the street from the beach.

Dozens of other properties – from four and five star resorts to modest guest houses – are scattered about nearby.

As often happens in Thailand, when large resorts with excellent food and beverage outlets open, modest family run eateries and watering holes pop up nearby.

Hotel guests tend to eat breakfast at the hotel. It is, in fact, often included in the tariff.

At lunch and dinner, however, they often wander outside the property.

If you get to know hotel staff, in fact, you will learn that they often do the same.

Many chefs at five-star resorts have told me that they often patronize the modest eateries located near the hotels they work at when they are off duty, and they are often inspired by the dishes they eat at them.

Nai Yang Beach is no exception. A bustling commercial strip has arisen along the middle section of the beach, where The Slate is located.

There are several mini marts, boutiques, travel agencies, money changers, and day spas.

There is a large open-air sala, which offers at full menu of outdoor spa treatments right on the beach.

There are also dozens of food vendors, restaurants, cafes, and bars, which are located on the beach itself, across the street from the beach, and along a couple of nearby alleys.

During a one-week stay in the vicinity, I tried the following eateries …

Sea Beach Bar and Restaurant





Sea Beach Bar and Restaurant – near the southern end of the commercial strip is the Sea Beach Bar and Restaurant.

There were tables and a bar inside or in front of the the restaurant, but staff said I could dine on the beach if I wanted.

They were more than happy to set up a table for me right on the sands.

I ordered iced tea, which came with milk, and pineapple fried rice with chicken.

Served in a hollowed out pineapple, the fried rice was seasoned with curry powder and had bits of shallots, carrots, and baby corn in addition to chunks of pineapple and chicken.

It was delicious.

Sunset Point





Sunset Point – located nearby, Sunset Point had a similar vibe. It, too, had seating within and in front of the restaurant and would be serve meals and drinks on the beach across the street.

I started with a refreshing mango smoothie and dined on fried rice with chicken. It was served with slices of cucumber and some greens.

Another yummy meal!

Phen’s Restaurant Bar and Coffee




Phen’s Restaurant Bar and Coffee – with an entrance on the main road, Phen’s Restaurant Bar and Coffee was located right on the beach.

It was a bit more upscale than the other two eateries, but the prices were comparable and the menu more extensive.

There was indoor seating for those that didn’t want to get sand in their shoes as well as tables right on the sand, which is where almost everyone was sitting when I ate there.

I had green curry with pork and steamed rice, which I washed down with iced tea with lemon.

I don’t know what their secret was, but the iced tea was the best iced tea I’ve ever had.

The lemon was green rather than yellow, but I’ve been told that it wasn’t lime. Apparently it’s another kind of citrus fruit.

The Beach Restaurant and Cocktail







The Beach Restaurant and Cocktail – I decided to have dinner on the beach on my last evening in Phuket, choosing one of the most upscale of the beach-side eateries.

Like Phen’s, the Beach Restaurant and Cocktail had an entrance on the main road, a bar with indoor seating, and tables right on the sand.

It also had seating upstairs, which I assume would offer better views.

What’s interesting is that this is where I consumed both the ymmiest and the most disappointing dishes I ate during my seven-night stay in Phuket.

I started with a green papaya salad, which was absolutely delicious – pungent, tangy, crisp.

When the fried noodles with vegetables and chicken arrived, however, I couldn’t believe they came out of the same kitchen.

The only word I can use to describe them was bland.

I washed things down with an excellent glass of Chardonnay, which cost a very affordable 200 baht.

I ordered a second glass of Chardonnay as the sun sank slowly into the Andaman Sea. There was no charge for the sunset







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