My First Trip to Hawaii: Departure from Oakland Airport

Travelogue: an 18 year California boy's Hawaiian adventure begins.


Washington, DC: Eat Like a Spy!

James Bond might have downed langouste in France, tagliotelle verde in Italy, or stoned crab with melted butter in the United States, but in London, the world's most famous sleuth tended to dine simply. At home, he usually had a simple breakfast of eggs, bacon, wholewheat toast with strawberry jam or orange marmalade, and espresso …

Where (and When) to View California Golden Poppies

Doscpvdr Discover California THIS POST IS UNDER REVISION! California golden poppies grow wild throughout the state of California as well as in neighboring states and parts of Baja California in Northern Mexico. They bloom from late winter through mid-May. 2019 is consistered Following an unusually wet winter, California is gearing up for a Super Bloom …