World’s Top Five Peruvian Restaurants – Outside Peru

Chicha_Peruvian_restaurant_ in_Peru_foodong_Kong_Peru

Causa, a cold starter made of mashed potato and stuffed with tuna, egg, shrimp, or avocado – sometimes topped with chopped olives. Photo Credit: Chicha (Hong Kong).

Food and Beverage

El Comercio, one of the most influential newspapers in Peru, has named the world's Top Five Peruvian restaurants outside Peru, with eateries on four continents making the list.

When the Spanish colonized Peru, they incorporated local ingredients and cooking techniques into European recipes, creating a distinctive cuisine, which was further enhanced by the successive waves of immigrants from Europe and Asia that settled in the South American country over the centuries.

Is Peruvian cuisine the flavour of the month? Suddenly, Peruvian cuisine is all the rage. Hong Kong, for example, has seen two Peruvian restaurants open in recent months, and both have been well received by foodies and food critics.

El Comercio has named five Peruvian restaurants – one restaurant each in Brazil, Britain, Hong Kong, Spain, and the United States – as the world's Top Five Peruvian restaurants outside Peru.

World Best Peruvian Restaurants

 1. Lima – 31 Rathbone Place, London, England.

2. Taypá Sabores del Peru – Fashion Park, Lago Sul, Brasilia, Brazil.

3. Chicha – 10/F 128 Wellington Street, Hong Kong.

4. Picca Peru – 9575 West Pico, Los Angeles, California.

5. Tanta Barcelona – Carrer de Corsega 235, Barcelona, Spain.

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