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My name is Michael Taylor. And I’m the Accidental Travel Writer.

I call myself that because I became a travel writer by accident. After spending many years in publishing, I decided I wanted to spend less time at the office and more time exploring the world.

But how could I make that happen? Well, quite by accident, I got a phone call from an editor at a newspaper, who asked me to drop by to discuss a “special project” he was working on.

I had never met the editor before, so I had no idea what to expect. When I arrived, he started asking about my foreign language skills and my educational background.

For example, how good was my Chinese and how much did I know about China. So I knew right away that  the project was going to have  something to do with China. And my initial assumption was that it must involve either business or education.

That was until the editor started talking about things like food and hot springs and sightseeing and hotels …

OMG! I tried to hide my excitement as I realized he wanted to commission me to write travel articles about China! And that was going to mean traveling to places I had never been to before!

So that is how my career as a travel writer got started. But my initial assignments were not as glamorous as it might sound. In fact, my first assignments were pretty grueling, with very long days and hardly a chance to catch my breath.

Since then, I’ve visited several cities in China and several other Asian destinations, including Indonesia, Japan, Korea, Macau, Malaysia, Singapore, Sri Lanka, Taiwan, and Vietnam.

I’ve also been to Brazil, Britain, Canada, Croatia, Portugal, and Sweden. And I live in Hong Kong.

What sets me apart from many digital nomads is I’m not interested in adding as many stamps in my passport as possible. Rather, I prefer to get off my horse and smell the roses.

As much as possible, I like to travel less often but stay longer. That means spending at least four weeks in a country. And if I fall in love with a place, I’m happy to make a repeat visit.

In addition to travel, my other two passions are food and sports. And I link them together as much as possible in my blog.

I have a Bachelor’s Degree in Chinese Studies from California State University, East Bay, and a Master’s Degree in English from San Francisco State University.

I have contributed to Ageless, Frequent Traveller, Business Traveller Asia, Hongkong Standard, the National, Prestige Hong Kong, ReviewAsia, Silkroad, the South China Morning Post, The Peak Hong Kong, and other publications.

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