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Mlb-houston-astros-Minute-Maid-Park-credit-mark-hodginsEntrance to Minute Maid Park, home of the Houston  Astros in Houston, Texas. Photo Credit: Mark Hodgins.

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The top 20 sports bars in Houston to root for the Houston Astros – plus a few more in other cities for good luck! Please comment on them and feel free to recommend others. Please submit fan photos at sports bars to be added to the post.


Houston Astros Team History

Houston Astros Pircher Garrett Cole. Photo Credit: That Lost Dog.

The Houston Astros compete in the West division of the American of Major League Baseball (MLB).

Members of the National League for more than half a century, the Astros moved to the American League in 2013.

The Houston Astros play home games at Minute Maid Park in Houston, Texas. The stadium is sometimes referred to as the Juice Box.

So whatever happened to the Astrodome? It caused quite a sensation when it opened in 1965.

The Houston Astros made their first appearance in the World Series in 2005, when they won the National League pennant. They made their second appearance in the World Series in 2017,  when faced the Los Angeles Dodgers.

The Astros are the only baseball team in history to have represented both the AL and the National League (NL) in the World Series.

Unfortunately for Astros fans, the baseball team has not yet won the World Series. Will this be their lucky year?

If you can’t make it to the Juice Box, there are plenty of spots in Space City where you can root for the Astros in the company of other baseball fans.

Best Houston Astros Bars in Houston

Some of these sports bars are bona fide Houston Astros bars. And other sports bars tend to attract a lot of Houston Astros fans on game day.

Because bars sometimes close and fans sometimes migrate to other establishments, it is always a good idea to call  ahead to make sure the baseball game you want to watch will be  broadcast.

  1. Lucky’s Pub – 801 St. Emanuel Street, Houston, TX. Tel: (713) 522-2010.
  2. D&T Drive In – 1307 Enid Street, Houston, TX. Tel: (832) 832-1110..
  3. Eight Row Flint – 1039 Yale Street, Houston, TX. Tel: (832) 767-4002. 
  4. Craft Beer Cellar – 907 Franklin Street, Houston, TX. Tel: (713) 227-0199.
  5. Kirby Ice House – 3333 Eastside Street, Houston, TX. Tel: (713) 524-2750.
  6. West Alabama Ice House – 1919 West Alabama Street, Houston, TX, Tel: (713) 528-6874.
  7. Little Woodrow’s – 1012 Congress Street, Houston, TX. Tel: (713) 229-8449.
  8. HTX Fan Tavern – 1800 Texas Avenue, Houston, TX. Tel: (346) 308-5648.
  9. Nick’s Place – 2713 Rockyridge Drive, Houston, TX. Tel: (713) 780-8338.
  10. Griff’s Irish Pub – 3416 Roseland Street, Houston, TX. Tel: (713) 528-9912.
  11. Beer Market Co. Kitchen and Bar – 920 Studemont Street, Houston, TX. Tel: (713) 426-9035.
  12. Biggio’s – Marriott Marquis Houston, 1777 Walker Street, Houston, TX. Tel: (346) 229-2577.
  13. PJ’s Sport Bar – 614 West Gray Street, Houston, TX. Tel: (713) 520-1748.
  14. Bovine and Barley – 416 Main Street, Houston, TX. Tel: (713) 742-5683.
  15. El Big Bad – 419 Travis Street, Houston, TX. Tel: (713) 229-8181.
  16. 8th Wonder Brewery – 2201 Dallas Street, Houston, TX. Tel: (713) 229-0868.
  17. Center Court Pizza & Brew – 9721 Broadway, Houston, TX. Tel: (713) 436-7385.
  18. Christians Tailgate Grill & Bar – 2820 White Oak Drive, Houston, TX. Tel: (713) 863-1207.
  19. Revelry on Richmond – 1613 Richmond Avenue, Houston, TX. Tel: (852) 538-0724.
  20. Coaches Pub – 2204 Louisiana Street, Houston, Texas. Tel: (713) 751-1970.
  21. Fuego’s Saloon817 Durham Drive, Houston, Texas. Tel: (713) 384-4541.
  22. Lincoln Bar Houston – 5110 Washington Avenue, Houston, Texas. Tel: (713) 864-8811.

Best Houston Astros Bars in Other Cities

Avendia Cantina is about as close to a Houston Astros watch bar as you will find outside Space City.,

The other sports bars might not be full-fledged Houston Astros bars, but they do tend to attract a lot of Astros fans on game day.

Sometimes sports bars close, and sometimes fans migrate to other establishments. Therefore, it is always a good idea to call ahead to make sure the game you want to watch is being broadcast.

  1. Avenida Cantina – 25 Avenue B, New York, NY. Tel: (646) 882-0593.
  2. Slackers Bar SA Northstar – Suite. 136, 126 West Rector Drive, San Antonio, TX. Tel: (210) 845-2603.
  3. II Brothers Grill & Bar – 8308 Preston Road, Suite 198, Plano,  TX. (972) 712-8308.
  4. Bar Louie – 16089 City Walk, Sugar Land, Texas. Tel: ( 281) 313-9002.
  5. Cabin – 1750 Polk Street, San Francisco, CA. Tel: (415) 549-7111.

Your Input Wanted!

Please comment on these Houston Astros sports bars and recommend other sports bars friendly to Houston Astros fans in the MESSAGE box below! I’m particularly interested in hearing about Astros watch bars in other cities!

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Houston, Texas, a.k.a. Space City, is home to the Houston Space Center, the Downtown Aquarium, the Houston Museum nof Natural Science, and many other attractions.

If you’re planning a trip to Houston to root for (or against) the Astros, why not spend a couple of days and take in some of the city’s most interesting sights?


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