Cam Ranh International Airport: Essential Passenger Guide

Cam Ranh International Airport, terminal 2. Photo Credit: Ed Crystal.

Airlines and Aviation

Cam Ranh International Airport is Vietnam’s fourth busiest air field. Situated in Southeastern Vietnam, the airport serves the popular tourist towns of Cam Ranh and Nga Trang. And there are flights to both domestic and international travel destinations.

Destination Cam Rahn Bay

Cam Ranh Bay in Vietnam’s Khanh Hoa Province has an excellent port. Consequently, it has played in important military role over the years.

Because of its excellent beaches and world-class golf courses, Cam Ranh Bay has been attracting an growing number of tourists. And these tourists include both foreign and domestic travelers.

Meanwhile, Nga Trang is the province’s capital and largest city. And it has a growing population.

In fact, Cam Ranh and Nga Trang have developed into two of Vietnam’s top tourist destinations in recent years.

Cam Ranh International Airport Overview

Cam Ranh International Airport check-in counters. Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons.

Cam Ranh International Airport (CXR) is located near Cam Ranh Bay in Cam Ranh, a town in Khánh Hòa Province in Vietnam.

Interestingly, the airport was built by the United States as a military base during the VIetnam War.

In addition to Cam Ranh, the airport serves the nearby city of Nha Trang. In fact, the city is 30 kilometers from the airport.

Cam Ranh Airport is the fourth busiest airport in Vietnam.  In fact, only Ho Chi Minh City International Airport, Hanoi International Airport, and Da Nang International Airport have more flights.

Interestingly, Cam Ranh Airport is the only air field in Vietnam to handle more international passengers than domestic passengers.

In fact, international passengers accounted for 70% of passengers in 2018. And  an estimated 10 million passengers used the airport in 2019.

Airlines and Flight Information

VietJet parked on tarmac at Cam Ranh Airport. Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons.

Dozens of airlines serve Cam Ranh International Airport. And that includes both domestic and foreign air carriers. An alphabetical list of the airlines follows:

  • AirAsia
  • Azur Air
  • Beijing Capital
  • China Airlines
  • China Southern
  • Hainan Anrilines
  • Hong Kong Express
  • Jeju Air
  • Jetstar Pacific
  • Korean Air
  • Loong Air
  • Northwind
  • Okay Airlines
  • Pegas Fly
  • Siberia Airlines
  • Sichuan Airlines
  • VietJet Air
  • Vietnam Airlines

Domestic travel destinations include Da Nang, Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon), and  Vinh City.

And overseas travel destinations include cities in China, Korea, and Russia. However, many flights are offered on a non-scheduled basis.

Airport Services

Cam Ranh International Airport has two terminals. While domestic flights use Cam Ranh Terminal 1, international flights use Cam Ranh Terminal 2.

Facilities include money changers, SIM vendors, and information booths. In addition, there are battery chargers scattered around the two terminals.

Airport Food and Beverage Outlets

The airport has several food and beverage outlets.

  • BigBowl – Vietnamese pho.  Check-in area, second floor, Terminal 2.
  • Burger King  – burgers and fries. Second floor.
  • Cias Yen Cafe – Vietnamese fast food and drinks. Second floor, Terminal 2.
  • Costa Coffee – coffee. Second floor.
  • Crystal Jade Kitchen – Cantonese cuisine. Second floor.
  • espresso to go – coffee, fruit juice, pastries. sandwiches, and other snacks. Second floor.
  • Lucky Cafe – coffee and fast food. Check-in area, second floor.
  • Puro Gosto – coffee, pastries, and snacks. Second floor.
  • R&B Tea – Taiwanese tea. Ground floor.
  • Star Cafe – Vietnamese coffee, pastries, and sandwiches. Second floor.
  • Two Tigers Noodles & Bar – sushi, noodles, and beer. Second floor.

Airport Shopping

In addition to food and beverage outlets, the airport has several retail outlets. And all of them are located on the second floor.

  • Lotte Duty Free – more than 100 designer brands.
  • Men’s Gallery – a fashion boutique for men focusing on designer brands.
  • 19 Islands – home decor with a focus on blue and white.
  • Viet House – Vietnamese gifts and souvenirs.
  • Viet Nam’s Delights – Vietnamese gifts and souvenirs.

Changing Money

You can change money at Cam Ranh International Airport. In fact, there are several currency exchange counters scattered about the terminal.

However, you will usually get a better rate changing money away from the airport. Likewise, you will usually get a better rate changing money away from your hotel.

Therefore, you might want to change money before leaving home. If you must change money in Vietnam, exchange just enough money at the airport to get your hotel. Then exchange the rest of your cash in town.

Generally speaking, you will get a better exchange rate changing money at a bank or a foreign exchange kiosk. But always shop around. Because not all money exchange shops offer the same exchange rate.

Withdrawing local currency from an ATM is another option. However, first check to see if there are any foreign exchange fees.

Sometimes your own bank and the local bank will both charge fees. And this can lead to a very costly transaction!

Cam Ranh Airport Ground Transportation

If you are staying at a hotel, your hotel might provide a complimentary or a paid shuttle service to and from Cam Ranh International Airport.

Therefore, you should check with your hotel before boarding your flight.

Otherwise, you will be on your own. Your options include taxis and airport buses.

There is a taxi station in front of the airport terminal in the parking lot.

The following taxi companies serve the airport:

  • Asia
  • Mai Linh
  • Quoc Te
  • Sun Taxi
  • Vinasun

The fare to Nha Trang takes about 45 minutes. And it costs between VND 250,000 and 350,000.

Likewise, you can book a taxi at your hotel to return to the airport at the end of your stay. Or you can hail a taxi in the street.

Dat Moi is the bus company serving the airport. In fact, there is a bus stop in front of the Terminal Entrance. And you can purchase bus tickets in the Reception Hall.

The trip from Cam Ranh Airport to Nha Trang City takes about 45 minutes.

Airport Location

Cam Ranh International Airport  is located on Cam Ranh Bay in Cam Ranh, a town in Khánh Hòa Province in southeastern Vietnam.

In fact, Cam  Ranh Airport  is 30 kilometers (16 miles) from Nga Trang, the provincial capital of Khánh Hòa.

The airport is 387 kilometers (240 miles) from Ho City Minth City by car. In fact, In fact, HCMC is also known as Saigon.

This is the first in a series of Passengers’ Guides to the Vietnamese Airports.


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