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For many frequent fliers, the term “in flight cuisine” might seem like an oxymoron, a figure of speech containing seemingly contradictory elements. I mean, how could you use the term “cuisine”, which seems to suggest an elevated style of cooking, with the bland food served by airlines?

And yet, there do seem to be two contradictory trends in the airline industry. On the one hand, you have domestic air carriers in the United States and Europe that are increasingly not serving in flight meals on short and medium haul flights.

Five Star Chefs Upgrade In Flight Meals

On the other, you have regional airlines in Asia – as well as international carriers – which are calling upon five star chefs to help them upgrade the meals they serve on board airplanes.

Global travel search site Skyscanner conducted an in depth survey to determine which Asian air carriers served the best food in flight. The airlines were rated in three categories: low cost airlines, short haul flights, and long haul flights. There were some surprising results!

Tiger Airways was found to serve the best in flight meals among budgetair carriers. Singapore Airlines served the best meals on short haul flights. Garuda Indonesia served the yummiest cuisine on long haul flights.

Skyscanner Asia Pacific Airline Food Awards

More than 200 international travelers and travel bloggers from across the Asia Pacific were recruited as food critics in Skyscanner’s first study in the Asia Pacific of on board meals. The panel rated their in-flight meals based on taste, presentation, choice, and – for those assessing low cost airlines – they also assessed the value for money.

Tiger Airways of Singapore came out on top in the budget airline category.

“We are pleased to see that our continuous effort to improve our offerings on Tiger Bites has been recognized,” a spokesman for Tiger Airways says.

“Tiger’s customers travel smart and flexibly, and we are happy to offer them even greater value when they pre-order their meals with us. Going forward, we will continue to improve our menu selection to suit the changing palette of our discerning customers.” “

Top Five Budget Airlines

  1. Tiger Airways – Singapore
  2. Scoot – Singapore
  3. Air Asia – Malaysia
  4. Jeju – Korea
  5. Spring Airlines – China

Singapore was found to serve the tastiest food on short haul flights among legacy air carriers.

“Singapore Airlines is honoured to have won the Short Haul Airline Food category in the Skyscanner Asia Pacific Airline Food Awards,” says Singapore Airlines’ Vice President Public Affairs, Nicholas Ionides.

“We are grateful that we have been recognized by the panel for our menu programme, which undergoes intensive development and refreshes throughout the year in our commitment to constantly enhance our inflight food and beverage offerings. These developments ensure that SIA continues to adapt to the needs of our customers.”

Top Five Airlines for Short Haul Flights

  1. Singapore Airlines – Singapore
  2. Garuda Indonesia – Indonesia
  3. Korean Air – Korea
  4. Philippine Airlines – the Philippines
  5. China Southern – China

When it came to long haul dining, Indonesia’s national flag carrier Garuda Indonesia was found to offer the yummiest cuisine in the air.

Top Five Airlines for Long Haul Flights

  1. Garuda Indonesia – Indonesia
  2. Korean Air – Korea
  3. Singapore Airlines – Singapore
  4. AirAsiaX – Malaysia
  5. Air China – China

According to the Skyscanner surveym 39% of air travelers thought that the overall quality of airline food was ‘good and improving’, and chicken was the most popular choice.

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