Things to Do in Bali in December [2022]

New Year’s Eve fireworks is a highlight of visiting Bali in December. Photo Credit: Finns Beach Club.




Bali in December – is it a good time to visit? Rainy season meets peak season in Bali in the last month of the year. And if it weren’t for Christmas, this would be off season in the Island of the Gods. While Indonesia is a predominately Muslim country. And Bali is a predominately Hindu society. Nonetheless, Christmas is an official holiday. Moreover, legions of foreign tourists descend on the island to spend their end-of-the-year holiday in a tropical paradise.

Bali December Weather

So how is the weather in Bali in December? First of all, Bali has two seasons: wet and dry. Wet season runs from October to April. And dry season runs from May to September.

Because Bali is near the Equator, there is little variation in temperature from month to month. However, there is more chance of rain during wet season. And the humidity tends to higher, as well. On the other hand. the average temperature is slightly lower.

In fact, the weather in December in Bali is the second wettest month of the year. Only January has more rainy days and more rainfall.

More importantly, when it rains, it pours. While the heavy rainfall might only last a few minutes, it can sometimes continue for several days.

I  addition, sea conditions in December can be rough. And trash tends to wash up on the beaches in Canggu, Kuta, and Seminyak in December. So it’s not the best time to go swimming in the sea.


  Ave. High Ave. Low Ave. Rainfall Rainy Days
Canggu 33 C / 91 F 22 C / 71 F 11 inches 22
Denpasar 33 C / 91 F 24 C / 74 F 11 inches 22
Kuta 33 C / 91 F 24 C / 74 F 11 inches 22
Sanur 33 C / 91 F 24 C / 74 F 11 inches 22
Seminyak 33 C / 91 F 24 C / 74 F 11 inches 22
Ubud 30 C / 86 F 22 C / 71 F 6.9i nches 22
Based on averages according to Google.

If you would like to know what Bali is like in other months, check out the following link: Best Time to Visit Bali>>

Visiting Bali in December

Posing with the cast after a performance of Devdan, Treasure of the Archipelago. Photo Credit: Accidental Travel Writer.

Rainy season coincides with the peak tourist season in Bali. And the number of tourists continues to increase as the month progresses. In fact, clubs fly in famous DJs from around the world to spin the discs. So the island’s clubs will be hopping, especially between just before Christmas until early January.

If you are planning a visit to Bali between 23

While you might not be able to spend a lot of  time by the pool or at the beach, you can discover some of Bali’s other attractions.

For example, you can visit museums and temples. In addition, you can shop till you drop. Bali has some great shopping! More importantly, you can luxuriate at some of the island’s sumptuous spas.

And I highly recommend the following show, which I absolutely LOVED: Devdan, Treasure of the Archipelago!

December and 6 January, make sure to make reservations well in advance! And don’t expect any bargains!

What to Do in Bali in December

With the chance to celebrate Christmas and ring in the New Year in a tropical paradise, it’s no surprise that December is peak tourist season in the Island of the Gods! And that is especially true towards the end of the month.

But another one of the highlights of visiting Bali is the chance to stumble upon an unexpected ceremony or festivity. However, they are far too many – and localized – to list.

But every month there is at least one island-wide Hindu celebration. And December in no exception. While they aren’t targeted at foreign tourists, they can be a feast for the eyes. So keep your eyes open. And have your camera ready!

Denpasar Festival – Ongoing

Denpasar, the capital and largest city in Bali, comes alive in November with the Denpasar Festival, which continues into December. And highlights include fashion shows, musical performances, a photo exhibition, a mask parade, live painting, a handicraft exhibition, and more.

Jalan Padang Galak No. Kesiman, Denpasar, Bali.

Tumpek Udah – 10 December 2022

Hindu procession carrying offerings. Photo Credit: Annette Teng.

Tumpek Uduh is one of the six auspicious days on the Balinese calendar. And these days occur when the fifth day of the five-day Balinese week falls on a Saturday. To clarify, this happens every 35 days. And it takes 210 days to complete the cycle.

Tumpek Udah is the second day in the Tumpek cycle. And it is the day that the Balinese honour the food god. They do so by showing respect to trees and other plants. Therefore, don’t be surprised to see festive cloths wrapped around tree trunks and other curiosities!

Christmas – 25 December 2022

Christmas in Bali. Photo Credit: Asia Exchange.

Christmas is a national holiday in Indonesia. And Bali is no exception. But it is called Natal, the Portuguese word for Christmas.

According to Asia Exchange, there are a few Christmas villages in Bali. Interestingly, Balinese Christians make Christmas trees from chicken feathers. In addition, they make street decorations from coconut leaves.

However, even non-Christian residents of the island celebrate Christmas. But they do it in a secular way. And you can expect Christmas decorations at shopping malls and Christmas dinners at hotels and better restaurants.

New Year’s Eve – 31 December 2022

New Year’s Eve in Bali. Photo Credit: Potato Head Beach Club.

Bali’s best bars, beach clubs. and hotels put on all manner of New Year’s Eve celebrations, from elegant dinners at fine dining restaurants to spectacular fireworks displays at beach clubs. And the hottest hot spots are Canggu, Kuta, Legian, Nusa Dua, Sanur, Seminyak, and Uluwatu. Moreover, the fun continues through early January.

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