Ubud Food Festival

Special event, Lunch with the Queen of Indonesian Cuisine will take place at The View Restaurant, Plataran Ubud Hotel & Spa, during the Bali Ubud Food Festival. Photo Credit: Anggara Mahendra.




Breaking news! the sixth annual Ubud Food Festival has been rescheduled for June!


Ubud Food Festival – To Be Announced


Return of the Jungle Chef, Charles Toto,shows off his culinary skills at a invigorating cooking demonstration at Teatro Kulinar. Photo Credit: Anggara Mahendra and Ubud Food Festival.

Originally scheduled for 17 to 19 April, the sixth annual Ubud Food Festival  .has postponed two months because of the Wuhan Virus.

The even will now be held from 26 to 28 June 2020.

More than 100 food industry professionals from across Indonesia and around the world will travel to Bali to take part in the event.

Chefs, restaurateurs, entrepreneurs, farmers, food writers, scientists, and activists will conduct cooking demonstrations and workshops, giving festival goers the chance to perfect their culinary skills.

There will be a variety of special events during the three-day festival.

The programme will include food forums, food tours, coffee workshops, film screenings, cooking demonstrations, food talks, workshops, masterclasses, and live performances.

Free events will include visits to night markets and live music after dark.

Participants will learn that there is far more to Indonesia than rendang, sate, gado gado, and nasi goreng!

This Year’s Theme: Heroes

The sixth annual Ubud Food Festival will celebrate the unsung heroes of Indonesia’s culinary landscape.

That is to say, the mothers, fathers, grandmothers,  and grandfathers that put food on their families’ plates.

Taking place from 17 to 19 April, the festival will explore the role Indonesians play in world gastronomy.

“Since our inaugural event, the Festival has introduced Indonesia’s complex and diverse cuisines to food lovers across the globe,” says UFF Founder and Director Janet DeNeefe.

“For our sixth year, we want to recognize and celebrate the people behind the extraordinary flavours and evolving stories of Indonesia’s culinary landscape.

“With the theme Heroes, we want you to meet the unsung heroes of Indonesian food, the mothers and fath

Some of the culinary events are held at the festival hub at Taman Kuliner. Other events are held at restaurants and cafes across Ubud, which is known as the cultural heart of the Island of the Gods.

It will be interesting to see how many people attend this year. The popular Indonesian  food festival is arguably the most important food festival in Southeast Asia.

Ubud Food Festival Highlights

Photo Credit: Anggara Mahendra and Ubud Food Festival.

The Ubud Food Festivals kicks off with a Gala Opening at Rondji Restaurant.

ubud-food-festival-cooking demonstration
Photo Credit: Vifick Bolang and Ubud Festival.

Dicky Senda, a food activist from West Timor,  demonstrates how to prepare smoked pork mollo style.

Photo Credit: Anggara Mahendra and Bali Food Festival.

A chef at B. Saya Restaurant in Ubud demonstrates how to prepare essential Balinese dishes in a Master Class. The restaurant serves Western, Indonesian, and Balinese dishes.

Photo Credit: Wirasathya Darmaja and Bali Food Festival.

Avid foodie at Bali food festival takes photos of a chef demonstrating how to prepare Balinese food.

Photo Credit: Wirasathya Darmaja and Ubud Food Festival.

Festival attendee takes notes during a demonstration of how to prepare  Indonesian food.

Photo Credit: Wirasathya Darmaja and Ubud Food Festival.

Avid Instagrammers take food shots before diving into a mouthwatering dessert.

Photo Credit: Anggara Mahendra and Ubud Food Festival.

Go Food Zona Kuliner offers a chance to sample food and interact with other foodies at the best food festival in Indonesia.

indonesian- food-festival-food-stalls
Photo Credit: Anggara Mahendra and Ubud Food Festival.

Food stalls in the Go Food Zona Kuliner offer foodies the chance to sample mouthwatering Indonesian cuisine and Balinese cuisine.

Photo Credit: Anggara Mahendra and Ubud Food Festival.

Charging stations are strategically located at the food festival venue, offering festival-goes a convenient way of staying connected.

Photo Credit: Matt Oldfield and Ubud Food Festival..

Live entertainment takes places at venues around Ubud the popular Balinese food festival.

Photo Credit: Anggara Mahendra and Ubud Food Festival.

Food for thought: what’s the point of traveling if you order the same dishes you customarily eat at home?


Taman Kuliner – Jalan Raya Sanggingan No.88, Ubud, Bali, Indonesia.

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