Bali: What to Do If It Rains, Visit Museum Pasifika in Nusa Dua

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One of the problems with taking your vacation in a tropical paradise is, what do you do if it rains?

And sometimes – as I found on my recent two week trip to Bali – it can rain several days in a row.

The Museum Pasifika in Bali’s Nusa Dua tourism zone provides a convenient solution. One of Bali’s newest museums, it opened in 2006. It is housed in a collection of one storey villas not far from the zone’s hotels and resorts.

11 Pavillions

Each one of the 11 pavillions has a different theme reflecting the region different’s historical periods and cultural influences.

There are sections dedicated to Indonesians, Italians, the Dutch, Indo-Europeans, Indochinese, Pacific Islands, the Tapa, and Asians.

“We welcome Museum Pasifika’s initiative to promote art and culture of Indonesia, and to give visitors and residents the opportunity to discover the cultural richness of our country,” says Ida Bagus Ngurah Wijaya, Chairman of the Bali Tourism Board.

“The tourism in Bali is forecast to exceed 2.5 million visitors of 2010. and we hope that many other initiatives like this one will come to increase our reputation of cultural centre of the archipelago.”


I spent about an hour at the Museum Pasifika, and I don’t think I did the place justice. What is interesting is that I was as interested in reading the writeups on the artists whose works were on display as I was looking at the works of art.

It was fascinating to me to learn why someone in Europe would give up a comfortable life to travel to the other side of the world to paint.

Assuming you will be spending several days in the district, I would recommend dividing the museum into sections, visiting one or two different sections on different days.

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