Hawaii: Happy Kamehameha Day!

Kamehameha Day falls on 11 June. It is a public holiday in Hawai'i, the 50th state of the United States. Kamehamaha Day honours King Kamehameha the Great, the Hawaiian monarch that unified the islands of Hawai'i, creating the Kingdom of Hawai'i.


Aviation: Hawaiian Airlines Spreads Its Wings to More Japanese Cities

Business News Sendai, Japan, is the latest travel destination in the growing Asian-Pacific route network of Hawaiian Airlines, which maintains a hub in Honolulu, Hawaii, the state capital of the island state. Hawaii is an important travel destination for Japanese tourists. "This flight will provide visitors from Northern Japan with greater access to the Hawaiian …

Aviation: Hawaiian Airlines Says, ‘Goodbye, Manila! Hello, Beijing!’

Business Following five years of disappointing payloads, Hawaiian Airlines has decided to end flights linking Honolulu, Hawaii, with Manila, capital of the Philippines. The last flight will depart from Manila International Airport on 1 August 2013. Click on the following link for Hawaii travel ideas: Hawaii Destination Guide Greater China's Gain? But the Philippines' loss …