California Here I Come!

Eighth and Last in a Series

Michael Taylor’s first trip to Hawai’i had come to an end. He boarded his United Airlines Boeing 707 headed for San Francisco with mixed emotions.

Hawai’i had been great, and he hated to leave. But – when all is said and done – there’s no place like home.

As his plane was taking off from Honolulu International Airport, he took a long last look at downtown Honolulu, Ala Moana Beach, Waikiki Beach, Diamond head – and he heard the strains of “California, Here I Come” ringing in his ears.

Like all first-time teenage visitors to Hawaii, I flew home tanned and barefoot.

I deplaned on a chilly evening at SFO wearing white cutoffs and a T-shirt that proudly proclaimed, “Property of the Athletic Dept. of the University of Hawaii”. I was wearing several orchid leis.

After five weeks in the tropics, my hair had turned platinum and my skin a dusky brown. Both of my parents were at the gate with one of my aunts as well as my best friend, his sister, and his mother.

I was taken aback when nobody smiled as I approached and started kissing them and putting orchid leis around their necks.

As it turns out, nobody recognized me – not even my own mother!

As we drove across the bay back to Oakland, I was already dreaming about my next trip half-way across the Pacific. This had been my first trip to Hawaii, but it wouldn’t be my last!

To Be Continued

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California, Here I Come!

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