Does Travel Keep You Young or Speed Up the Ageing Process?

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There comes that moment on many a trip when many travelers wish they had just stayed home. But research indicates that travel – despite the discomfort, the long lines, and the delays – can, in fact, help keep you young.

This may come as a surprise to anyone stuck on the tarmac for hours at a time because of weather induced flight delays, but research suggests that travel might actually help keep you young!

Since time immemoriable, man has searched in vain for the Fountain of Youth. According to legend, anyone that drinks from or bathes in its waters will become young again.

The search for the Fountain of Youth dates back to classical times, and it picked up steam in 16th century, when Spanish explorer Juan Ponce de Leon arrived in the Caribbean and heard of legends popular among the indigenous peoples that such a fountain existed.

His search for the fountain took him to a fresh water spring in what is now known at St. Augustine, Florida, in the Southern United States in 1513.

Fountain of Youth Archaeological Park

Fast forward 400 years, and a privately owned theme park known as the Fountain of Youth Archaeological Park is built.

There are several exhibits, a planetarium, a watch tower, a river walk, a cafe, picnic areas, a statue of Ponce de Leon, re-creations of a Native American village and burial grounds – the list goes on.

Of course, there is that spring. And, yes, water from that spring is for sale! But, no, you’re not allowed to go swimming in it!

Benefits of Travel

While the mythical Fountain of Youth has never really been found, recent research suggests that there may be many fountains of youth, and they could be as close as your nearest airport, train station, bus depot, or – best of all – pier.

And while these fountains of youth can’t reserve the clock, they can, at least, slow it down. What I am talking about, of course, is travel.

“The positive mental health effects of travel are well documented throughout decades of research,” says a press release issued by

“And so are the deleterious effects of not taking a vacation. Recent reports include studies out of Wisconsin that noted one in 6 US employees is so overworked that he or she is unable to use those traditional two weeks of annual vacation time at all.”

Downsides of Travel

Which is not to say that travel does not have its downsides. From long lines to flight delays to tight squeezes in undersized seats, getting there is NOT generally thought of as being half the fun.

Unless, of course, you take the proverbial cruise. One of the chief benefits of taking a cruise in my view is having to pack and unpack only twice – at the beginning and end of your trip.

“Travel is not just about the destination,” says Lark Gould, Content Director for Travel-Intel and

“Travel is about getting there, getting there comfortably, and making sure the destination fits. We offer information that helps travelers make the right choices and travel agents make the right recommendations.”


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