Eat, Pray, Love: Ayurvedic Cuisine (Part 1)

Part Five in a Series

Just as my vicarious travels by way of Elizabeth Gilbert’s best seller, Eat, Pray, Love, had taken me from the United States to Italy to India, I received a press release from Gaylord, a very popular Indian restaurant that has been a part of the Hong Kong landscape since 1972.

It contained a rather detailed account of Ayurveda – a term that I have frequently come across, but that I do not really understand (except that it has something to do with “holistic health”) and Ayurvedic Cuisine.

“In Ayurveda, mid-June to mid-August is referred to as the Varsha Rithu or the Monsoon period,” the press release informed.

“According to Ayurvedic principles, the ailments or injuries in your body show up during the rainy season. Any treatment taken during this time boosts immunity. Aside from yoga and Ayurvedic massages, traditional wholesome Ayurvedic cuisine – which has been developed over centuries – is highly recommended as part of a holistic treatment.”

Ayurvedic Cuisine

“There are three fundamental attributes or gunas in Ayurveda – Sattva, Rajas, and Tamas,” the press release continued.

One of the key ways to physically and mentally regulate these gunas is through diet.

“On the bases of these three gunas, food can be classified as Sattvic, which induces clarity, harmony, and balance; Rajasic, which generally is high in carbohydrates and induces energy and action; and Tamsic, which evokes darkness, inertia, [and] resistance – alcohol, frozen foods, meat, coffee, etc.”, the press release said.

This is all very well and good, but as a journalist, I have an inquiring mind, and this is what I wanted to know . . .

How does it taste?

I decided to find out . . .

To Be Continued . . .

Readers Respond P. in Hong Kong Hi Mike, Just wanted to drop you a note to let you know I’m really enjoying your “Eat, Pray, Love” posts! Good idea! I love that book. Hope you’re well. 22 July 2010  

Accidental Travel Writer Responds Thanks, P., and great hearing from you! You’ve made my day!  

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