Hong Kong: Devotees Crowd Che Kung Temples in Sai Kung and Tai Wai

Lunar New Year

Che Kung’s Birthday is celebrated in Hong Kong on the 2nd Day of the Lunar New Year with tens of thousands of Taoist devotees crowding temples to seek good fortune in the New Year. It will fall on 29 January in 2017.

Che Kung’s Birthday falls on the 2nd Day of the First Month on the Lunar Calendar, which fell on 9 February in 2016. It will fall on 29 January in 2017.

Che Kung was a military commander in the Sung Dynasty (960 – 1279), who was famous for his ability to put down uprisings and conquer plagues. He later became reverred as the God of Good Fortune.

A temple in his honour was constructed in what is now known as the New Territories about 300 years ago. Shortly after it was finsihed, a plague that had been plaguing the vicinity ended.

A new temple was constructed at the site in 1993. It usually draws upwards of 100,000 devotees on his birthday.

Believers burn incense, spin brass windmills, leave offerings, make wishes, and have their fortunes told.

Some even make stops at the temple on their ways to horseraces or mahjiangg games.

Another Che Kung Temple is located at Ho Chung in Sai Kung, which is also located in the New Territories. The temple in Tai Wai is glitzier. But the temple in Sai Kung seems more authentic.


Che Kung Temple, 7 Che Kung Temple Road, Tai Wai, New Territories, Hong Kong. Telephone: (852) 2603-4049.

How to Get There

Che Kung Temple is a 10 minute walk from Exit B of the Tai Wai MTR station on the East Rail Line of the MTR.


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