More Disney Magic Planned at the Happiest Place in Hong Kong

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Hong Kong Disneyland has announced plans to expand the theme park, adding new attractions each year for the next five years. The most significant – and controversial – is the decision to re-imagine the park’s signature Sleeping Beauty Castle.

Big Plans are in store at Hong Kong Disneyland for the New Year, which will start with the re-imagining of Sleeping Beauty Castle.

It will, in fact, be the first castle in any of Disney’s theme parks around the world to undergo such a transformation.

It is a controversial move as the castle is sort of a symbol of the various Disney theme parks, and it is interesting that the castle at Hong Kong park – which is the smallest Disneyland theme park – will be the first park to get such a makeover.  I’m talking …

From This …

hong-kong-disneyland-christmas-Mickey-and-Friends Christmastime Ball
Sleeping Beauty Castle at Christmas 2017 before the transformation begins.

To This!

An artist’s conception of how the castle will look after the transformation is complete.

Whereas the current castle pays tribute to one Disney princess, the new castle will pay tribute to ALL Disney princesses: Belle, Snow White, Cinderella, and Sleeping Beauty.

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Various Storybook Sources

Design inspiration for the re-imagined castle has been drawn from a variety of storybook sources, with spires, domes, and turrets reaching skyward for the stars.

If you look carefully, you will see finial details reflecting Cinderella’s coach, Snow White’s apple, and Belle’s rose.

You can also look forward to original artwork and sculptures.

Work on the transformation will begin on 1 January 2018. After completion, there will be daily and nightly shows with the castle serving as a backdrop.

And now for a look at what Hong Kong Disneyland has planned for 2018 …


Royal Princess Garden – opening in December 2017, Royal Princess Garden will offer Disney fans the chance to get up close and personal with Snow White, Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty, and Belle in a magical park-like setting called Royal Princess Garden.

And check this out! Girls can have themselves transformed into a royal princess themselves at Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique, where talented beauticians will give them a complete makeover, styling their hair and applying their makeup.

They will go home dressed in the Disney Princess costume of their choice!


Chinese New Year – in celebration of the upcoming Year of the Dog, Disney’s playful pooches Pluto and Goofy will take centre stage at Hong Kong Disneyland from January through March 2018.

Main Street U.S.A. will be festooned with red and gold decorations – perfect for photo opps!

Goofy will be dressed up like the God of Fortune to welcome guests and share warm wishes with them.

If you’re lucky, you might even get a Disney-themed red packet while visiting during the Chinese New Year event!


Springtime Carnival – from March to May, there will be more Disney characters roaming the park than you could shake a magic wand at!

Disney fans can enjoy encounters with whimsical Disney characters and reconnect with longtime Disney friends in different ways.

Can you find the more than 100 character-themed eggs hidden all over the park?


Opening in May 2018 – the popular heroine Moana will sail across from the South Pacific straight to Hong Kong Disneyland in an all-new atmosphere stage show!

The Moana: A Homecoming Celebration is an 18-minute live experience recounting Moana’s adventures after she restores the heart of Te Fiti (the all-powerful goddess who creates life) and returns home to the village of Motunui.

Jam-packed with inspirational music, dancing, puppetry, and storytelling, “Moana: A Homecoming Celebration” is the first attraction to be opened as part of the multi-year expansion at Hong Kong Disneyland, which will run from 2018 to 2023.


The Incredibles – head on over to Tomorrowland from June to August for an encounter with Mr. Incredible, Mrs. Incredible, and Frozone from the epic film, The Incredibles!


Halloween – next year’s Halloween Bash will be spookier than ever from September to October in 2018.

Join Jack Skellington and his crew of baddies as they turn the park upside down in true Halloween fashion!


Christmas – Hong Kong Disneyland will be transformed into a Winter Wonderland from November 2018 through New Year’s Day 2019.

Together with beautiful Christmas decorations, the park will offer a joyous daytime show, the singing of Christmas carols, and a heart-warming lighting of the Christmas tree at dusk.

Five Year Plan


Hong Kong Disneyland and the government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region have jointly announced a five-year plan, which will see the launch of exciting new attractions almost each year over the next five years.

There are currently seven themed areas at the Hong Kong theme park: Main Street U.S.A., Fantasyland, Adventureland, Tomorrowland, Grizzly Gulch, Mystic Point, and Toy Story Land.

Following the addition of the Iron Man Experience and Disney Explorer’s Lodge in 2017, two more themed areas are planned.

Frozen will transport Disney fans to the Kingdom of Arendelle, and a new Marvel-themed area will celebrate your favourite Super Heroes, including Ant-Man, The Wasp, and S.H.l.E.L.D.

Surely the makeover of the park’s emblematic castle is the most ambitious project, and it will surely attract the most interest.

A good idea? Please comment in the COMMENT box below. You might be the lucky winner of a 10 by 8-1/2 inch Hong Kong Disneyland calendar!

Hong Kong Disneyland: without doubt one of the happiest places in Hong Kong!

4 Replies to “More Disney Magic Planned at the Happiest Place in Hong Kong”

  1. As each Disney park has opened it has become apparent each park needs to have its own identity, local flavor, and uniqueness. The Castle is not only the centerpiece for the park, it has become an Icon differentiating each of the parks throughout the world.
    The beloved original castle at Disneyland in California was never intended to be in its current location nor to be as small as it currently is. Yet Walt did the best he could with the money he was able to pull together. The castle he built has always been loved just as much as the one which he dreamed in his mind.
    Personally I am glad to see Hong Kong getting its own identity instead of being a second hand park getting the left overs from all the other parks. As Walt Disney said in his opening day dedication of Disneyland on July 17, 1955. “Disneyland will never be completed as long as there is imagination left in the world.” Let us hope there will always be enough imagination to continue creating more Happiest Places on Earth.

  2. I have mixed feelings. I have always thought that each park should have a combination of attractions common to all parks (because not everyone has the chance to travel to other countries) and attractions unique to the individual park (for those that do). I would love, for example, to have something similar to Main Street U.S.A., that reflects Hong Kong’s own past (and the same for the parks in Paris, Tokyo, and Shanghai). But as Sleeping Beauty Castle is emblematic of the brand, I kind of think that it should be the same across all of the parks.

  3. I am very excited to all this new attraction coming soon. We even purchased our annual pass from our last visit. All the best 2018!

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