Hong Kong: Hotel Group Launches Free Internet All Across Town

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The Hong Kong based Ovolo Group is launching unlimited free Internet access – and not just on site, but also at more than 9,000 Wi-Fi hotspots all across Hong Kong!

It’s the number one gripe among frequent travelers: hotels that charge an arm and a leg to get on line. Well, guess what! The Ovolo Group is doing something about – city-wide Internet access that is both unlimited and free!

The complimentary city-wide Internet access will begin 24 hours before hotel guests check in and continue until 24 hours after hotel guests check out. It will be available at the 9,000 Wi-Fi hotspots in the Hong Kong Broadband Network (HKBN).

Does that include Starbucks?

“At Ovolo we have always believed that the internet is as essential to guests as air or hot water. It should be free, fast, and plentiful,” says Dirk Dalichau, Ovolo Group Chief Operating Officer.

“The idea to extend this commitment outside of our hotels with free uncapped access to Wi-Fi hotspots across Hong Kong will allow travelers to avoid excessive roaming charges, making for huge improvements in the way they can interact globally as they travel. In HKBN we have an enthusiastic, forward-thinking and highly capable partner who can deliver on this vision.”

Unique Internet ID and Password

Hotel guests will receive a unique Internet login ID and password as soon as their hotel reservation is confirmed. That means they will be able to go on line with their overseas laptop, smartphone, or tablet as soon as they arrive at Hong Kong International Airport, a.k.a. Chek Lap Kok.

They will remained connected until – in most cases – they have arrived at the next stop on their journey.

And think of it – only one ID and password to remember as you roam about town!

“This is a perfect example showcasing how outstanding customer service is made possible through conjoining an original idea and best-of-class technology,” says Billy Yeung, Managing Director, Wi-Fi Business of HKBN.

“Being a leading high-speed broadband service provider and the biggest Wi-Fi wholesaler in Hong Kong, HKBN is pleased to support Ovolo Group to extend superb connectivity for its customers coming from around the world.”

There are currently four Ovolo hotels and two serviced apartments in Hong Kong and Kowloon as well as one hotel in Melbourne, Australia. Two more properties will be added this year .

The hotel group hopes to add properies in Australia, Britain, and other locations in the Asia Pacific in the years to come.

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