Hong Kong: Mobile Service Provider Targets (Well Heeled) Frequent Fliers

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Hong Kong has one of the world’s most highly competitive mobile phone markets.

With a plethora of mobile service providers crowding the mobile phone sector, how does a brand differentiate itself from the competition?

If the key is market segmentation, 1010, a subsidiary of CSL Limited, has decided to target frequent fliers.

And we are NOT talking about backpackers that travel frequently – or travelers that frequent budget carriers or (dare we say it?) cattle class. CSL has another brand just for them – One2Free, and it has a flagship store in MK, a.k.a. “Mongkok”.

Flagship Store Opens in TST

1010, which describes itself as Hong Kong’s “leading premium mobile service provider”, held a launch party to celebrate the opening of its third flagship store last Thursday evening, 8 December 2011, in Kowloon’s Tsim Sha Tsui district.

There was lots of champagne, which was served by a stylish fashion model wearing an iron hoop skirt that was laden with flutes of the bubbly (pictured above).

There were those yummy mini hamburgers that seem to be de rigueur these days. Plus lots and lots of other snacks, both sweet and savoury. And did I forget chocolate?

Photo Opp

A Singaporean firm was on hand to take pictures of attendees, which were transposed unto the likes of the New York City skyline, London’s Big Ben, the African bush (is that REALLY an elephant?), and Japan’s Mount Fuji.

Guests were given printouts of the photos, and I can assure you, they were HUGELY popular with both attendees – and organizers.

“The idea is to create a Grand Voyage theme,” said Mark Liversidge, Chief Marketing Officer, CSL Limited, parent company of 1010.

Business Centre

The two storey shop has a total of 7,000 square feet. In addition to retail space, the outlet “will provide premium lifestyle customer services on a grander scale and new solutions for corporate customers and frequent travelers,” a press release issued by 1010 says.

A Business Centre with meeting space equipped with video and audio conferencing technology can be rented by 1010 members. A series of special events for members is also planned.

Hotbed of SMEs

“The Tsim Sha Tsui area is home to a burgeoning number of small to medium sized businesses,” says Joseph O’ Koneck, CEO of CSL.

“It’s therefore the ideal location for our new business focused services, namely our dedicated business service team and the meeting venue facilities.”


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