NFL: Phoenix Pub Voted Best Raiders Sports Bar in the Nation!

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The Nation has voted, and we have a winner!

The Catalina Sports Bar and Grill of Phoenix, Arizona, has been voted by readers of the Accidental Travel Writer as the best Oakland Raiders sports bar in the nation – make that the Raider Nation.

In a hard fought battle, Peter Dillons of New York, New York, was in second. And The Public Bar of Washington, DC, was in third. Sports bars in Ontario, California, Austin, Texas, and San Leandro, California, rounded out the Top Six. The only other bar getting double digit votes was Buffalo Wings in Chula Vista, California.

Upon learning that Peter Dillons was  in second in the Oakland Raiders Sports Bar Challenge, John Lauro – a bartender at the pub – says that it is “an honour to be the number 2 bar in the country”.

“It just means I have some EXTRA work to do next year,” John says.

“Thanks for the heads up about #2 … I am still VERY PROUD!”

Always the gentleman … The Raider Nation needs more fans like John …

And if truth be told, Peter Dillons’ fans have posted BY FAR the most comments in our Comments Box. Surely, that should count for something!

25 Nominees

We started with 25 nominees and added additional sports bars nominated by readers – giving them a one week’s grace period. We then started eliminating the sports bars getting the fewest votes each week.

By week three, only 10 bars were left, and only three of them were serious contenders – Catalina Sports Bar of Phoenix, Peter Dillons of New York City, and the Public Bar in Washington, DC.

OMG! We weren’t expecting this many votes … The Raider Nation OBVIOUSLY has far more reach that we had imagined!

Results of the Oakland Raiders Sports Bar Challenge

1. Catalina Sports Bar, Phoenix, Arizona – 79% of the tally with 10,011 votes.

2. Peter Dillons of New York, New York – 10% of the tally with 1,207 votes.

3. Public Bar of Washington, DC – 7% of the tally with 914 votes.

4. Dave & Busters of Ontario, California – 2% of the tally with 200 votes.

5. Big Daddy’s of Austin, Texas – 1% of the tally with 163 votes.

6. Rickys of San Leandro, California – 1% of the tally with 152 votes.

7. Buffalo Wings of Chula Vista, Califonria – 0% of the tally with 24 votes.

8 & 9. Legends of Las Vegas, Nevada – 0% of the tally with 7 votes.

8 & 9. Dugout South of Staten Island, New York – 0% of the tally with 7 votes

10. Fast Eddies of San Antonio, Texas – 0% of the tally with 6 votes.

What’s Next

We will bring you fan reaction (and pictures) from the Catalina Sports Bar and Grill in a future post.


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