Oakland Raiders Sports Bar Challenge – Who’s #1?

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What is the best Oakland Raiders sports bar in the Raider Nation – Rickeys of San Leandro, Killarneys of Huntington Beach, or New York City’s Peter Dillons?

Or is it some other sports bar that we’ve never even heard of?

We’re calling on Oakland Raider fans to vote to determine who’s Number One!

And please encourage your friends to do the same! We want to get as much Fan Feedback from Oakland Raider fans as we can get! And sports bars do NOT have to be in the United States. The Raider Nation knows no national boundary!

We’ve uploaded a list of 25 sports bars that Raiders fans have identified as great places to root for the Raiders in our sidebar (look right). To keep things fair, we have listed them in alphabetical order – at least for the time being.

We encourage you to vote for your favourite sports bar – and please message us if it isn’t listed.

After one week, we will eliminate the five sports bars getting the fewest votes – and add any sports bars that you nominate.

We will continue to eliminate the sports bars getting the fewest votes (and adding new nominees) until we have an absolute winner.

Vote early and vote often – and please encourage your friends to do the same!


53 Replies to “Oakland Raiders Sports Bar Challenge – Who’s #1?”

  1. I vote for Petter Dillons in New York City ,I love his Posts I look forward to reading them I just love how he has a beautiful way of still making u fieel Proud to be a Raider fan even though we Lost.

  2. I am going to vote for Peter Dillons myself, mostly because I’m very biased since I run the place, but a vote is still a vote! Thanks to everyone for your support this season!

  3. Peter Dillon’s in NYC. No disrespect to any other Raider bars because we are all family but seems like most of them are in California which would be expected. Peter Dillon’s bar is the closest thing for us Raider fans living on the East Coast to actually being at the stadium watching our Oakland Raiders. Words cannot express the experience of being there at Peter Dillon’s. Show up on Sunday for game day and you will understand what I’m talking about.

  4. I Will Vote As many Times As I Can Peter Dillons Is The Spot For The NYC Raider Fans WE Get Visits From Many Members And Visitors From Oakland Because Of Your Page Mr Taylor And John Is The best Bartender Even Thou He Doesn’t Admit It

  5. Big Daddy’s in Austin, Tx. It’s the only place in central Texas that not only gave us fans their banquet room to Raider out, it’s also the only place in Texas that gives Raider fans such bad ass discounts like: Happy hour drink prices ALL of the time, $.50 Wings all the time, and 15% off all other food items. I appreciate any bar that calls themselves a Raider bar, but for a place in the middle of Texas to go all out for us, this has to be the best Raider bar.

  6. I vote for Catalina Sports Bar & Grill in Phoenix, AZ! Family owned business that welcomes all Raider’s fans. Great drinks, food, and most importantly great athmosphere.

  7. Adrian said:
    I vote for Peter Dillion’s in NYC it is truly the black hole east … Where a east coast raider fan can feel @ home… Love that place!!!

  8. Buffalo Wild Wings in Chula Vista Ca. (San Diego) new home for Southbay Raiders Booster Club of San Diego

  9. Dugout South in Staten Island, NY isn’t listed!! Home of the ONLY NYC Black Hole Chapter!! Thanks for doing this… its great!! RAIDER NATION!!!

  10. NYC Black Hole chapter at Dugout South in NY. Owner is a Raiders’ fan. Great viewing room. Fun, good food and drink specials for Black Hole chapter. Lots of Raiders fans. Blackholefans.com facebook:NYC Black Hole chapter. Shout-out to BarA and Dillon’s Representing in the tri-state area.

  11. Sounds cool, JT! I spent three years in New York (many years ago), and I loved it. I took the Staten Island Ferry once to Staten Island. It seemed like a really cool place – very laid back. So nice to know there are so many Raiders fans there. Now START VOTING!!!

  12. Look forward to seeing you. We always have something going on here. South by South West, F1, X-games, ACL fest, and tons of great live music 365 days per year. It’s the only city in Texas that I’d ever consider living in. It has to be the coolest place to live that doesn’t have a state income tax.

  13. He is talking about Austin Texas! Big daddy’s is the bar I work at and I have actually become a part of the Silver and Black watch group that come in because I have been taking care of them for so long and they’re all amazing people! We do our best to take care of them anytime they come in, not just during games but all the time!

  14. Mine is Ricky’s in san Leandro-Ultimate Raider Bar…My local sportsbar Molly’s Pub in Kingwood,texas has been showing My Raider games since 07′.The Owner Jeff is a great host…It’s my local Raiders bar!!:O)

  15. Ricky’s the ONLY place to be as a Raider Fan when in and around Oakland……In and around New Jersey….it’s “Bar A” in Lake Como/ Belmar….what more can you ask than to watch a Raider game with #41 Phil Villapiano a few games a season. Raiders fans have their own room with audio…..

  16. Humperdink’s in Arlington,tx shows the Raiders games Every week.there is a Loyal Raider following there.I was there after the Raiders Thanksgiving game.

  17. I found another Great Oakland Raiders sportsbar-Humperdinks in Arlington,Texas-near Cowboys Stadium.Raider fans go here Every week to watch our team.Plenty of t.v.’s.Great place to watch the Raiders!!

  18. There is only one #1 RaidersBar.Raider fans travel early & great distances to be part of the Killarneys Experience.Do you want to hang with CliffBranch;Talk football with the MadBomber;Have a beer with GregTownsend;Spend the bye-week with TomFlores and I can go on & on.All our passed Raider Legends made this their stop Tatum; Skip; Topcat: Big Ben.If you were lucky enough to be there with them you KNOW.Nuff said true fans!!!!!

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