Penny Farthing Victoria – Can I Have a Burger with Fresh Seafood?

The Penny Farthing Bar in Victoria is a casual English-style pub paying homage to the British heritage the city of Victoria is famous for. This neighborhood bar serves generously portioned pub grub as well as a good selection of beer, wine, and spirits. The atmosphere inside is cozy. And in good weather, the outdoor dining patio is ideal for people watching.

Photo Credit: Linda Sheppard.

The Back Story

Do you ever crave pub grub? I was in the mood for a burger and fries – and seafood! And I wondered if I could find a seafood burger at the Penny Farthing Bar in Victoria, British Columbia. In other words, could I have the best of both worlds in one meal?

The Food Menu

Photo Credit: Linda Sheppard.

The Penny Farthing Olde English Pub is an upscale neighborhood pub in Victoria, British Columbia. And it is loved by both locals and tourists alike. So what is the attraction? To start with, its dishes are made as much as possible with locally sourced ingredients. And the menu features traditional English pub fare with modern West Coast options.

For example, the Share Plates include Salt and Vinegar Calamari and Stuffed Yorkshire Pudding. And the soups and salads menu includes West Coast Seafood Chowder and Pacific Baby Shrimp with avocado and crostini.

As for the burgers, they come with a large side of fries, homemade soup, or a green salad. And some of the stacked burgers include Chicken with Pear and Brie, Buttermilk Chicken on a brioche bun, Wild Salmon, and a Veggie Burger with a curried crispy seeded vegetarian patty.

Of course, Fish and Chips are a mainstay at the Penny Farthing bar. And Monday night is two-for-one night, which might just be the best deal in town for F & C!  Turkey Pot Pie in Puff Pastry, Shepherd’s Pie, and Steak and Frites complete the British portion of the menu.

Meanwhile, modern flatbreads covered in wild mushrooms and brie, or grilled veggies and goat cheese, plus a healthy vegan Buddha bowl, add a contemporary feel to the offerings.

The Drinks Menu

As for tipples, the Penny Farthing bar’s drinks menu includes an impressive list of beers, ciders, wines, and spirits. And the beer list features many of the local craft breweries that Victoria has become so well known for.

Look for beers like Driftwood Raised by Wolves, Vancouver Island Broken Island Haze, Phillips Blue Buck English Pale Ale, Steamworks Copper Roof Ale Bitter ESB, and Yellow Dog Chase My Tail!

Local BC wineries include Quails’ Gate, Mission Hill, Checkmate and Nagging Doubt – all making award winning wines in the interior of British Columbia.

The Penny Farthing bar’s wine menu is four pages long. Therefore, wines from around the world are available, including Leeuwin Estate Art Series (2014 Chardonnay Margaret River at $230 Cdn a bottle).

My husband and I love to visit Leeuwin Estate when we are in West Australia. So it was exciting to see one of their wines on the list. And there are three different wine flights available, which would be a great choice for date night or Sunday afternoon!

Our Dinner

Photo Credit: Linda Sheppard.

The Penny Farthing restaurant served me the juiciest, mango-salsa’d, fat and juicy salmon burger in a crispy bun I have ever had. Not only was it ridiculously delicious. In addition,the seeded greens and rose wine paired perfectly for a completely satisfying meal!

Photo Credit: Linda Sheppard.

My husband supported me in my search for a seafood burger. However, instead he settled on the Wild Mushrooms and Brie Flatbread.

The sautéed mushrooms and roasted garlic produced a wonderful aroma. And the creamy brie and greens on top made for a beautiful presentation.

While the ambrosial cheese and mushroom combination – along with a cold local pilsner on tap – satisfied his desire for something new, my husband kept eyeing my salmon burger. In the end. he said he wished he had ordered it instead.

The cost of our meal was $65.70 Cdn plus tax and tips.

The Ambiance

Photo Credit: Linda Sheppard.

The Penny Farthing bar offers an authentic Olde English Pub feel with tiled floors, rich dark wood beams and solid wood tables, soft glowing lights, fires crackling merrily in four fireplaces, and Victorian-styled glass doors and windows.

Photo Credit: Linda Sheppard.

The antique Penny Farthing bicycle that inspired the name of the pub sits on top of the rafters overlooking the lower floor. And it brings a sense of Victorian whimsy to the welcoming space.

There is a long cozy bar, which is usually full of patrons watching sports on TV or chatting to friends. And the second story is an intimate space to settle in and play chess or discuss something deep and meaningful. As for the main room, it is perfect for larger groups with comfy booths and tables.

Photo Credit: Linda Sheppard.

Located at the back of the pub, Penny Lane is for available for groups. To clarify, it is elegantly decorated in black and white with candlestick chandeliers. But it remains inviting with yet another crackling fireplace!

And just to complete the many ways you can experience the Penny Farthing restaurant, there is a stylish outdoor patio surrounded by fragrant colourful flower pots in the summer. Most importantly for dog lovers, the space is pup-friendly and a great place for people-watching.

The Verdict

The atmosphere of Penny Farthing Bar Victoria is fun but relaxing. The space is warm and feels welcoming and comfortable. The food arrives quickly. Each meal is carefully plated, and the food is delicious. The drinks menu is comprehensive offering wine, beer, and cider (on tap or bottled) and spirits. I give the Penny Farthing Pub an enthusiastic two thumbs up!

The Location

The Penny Farthing Olde English Pub – 2228 Oak Bay Avenue, Victoria, British Columbia. Telephone: (250) 370-9008.

The pub is located in the heart of Victoria’s chic Oak Bay Village district. A short 10-minute drive from downtown Victoria, it is also regularly serviced by transit. The pub opens at 11 for lunch and is open until at least 11pm every day.

Linda Sheppard
Linda Sheppard

In a previous life, Linda Sheppard was a Financial Advisor working with numbers. And now she works with words to describe her travel experiences. Linda has travelled to more than 30 countries and has many more on her list. She calls the beautiful city of Victoria, British Columbia, home. And she contributes to the Accidental Travel Writer.

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  1. If I’m ever in Victoria…I will be there! The ambiance and the menu looks, feels, and reads DELICIOUS!!!

      1. Yes it certainly is!! And good pub food is just a start for foodies. The fresh seafood here is delicious and served in so many different ways. Our coffee and tea culture is legendary! And donut shops are popping up around town and serving heavenly treats.

    1. When you come to the Penny Farthing bar in Oak Bay Village make sure to enjoy the lovely art galleries and shops!

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