Phuket Press Trip (Part 10)


Over lunch, participants on the Press Trip continue the conversation they had started over dinner the night before: pet peeves when staying at five star hotels.

Over lunch, we continued our conversation from the night before about Pet Peeves when staying at five star hotels.

Having to pay extra to gain access to the Internet seemed to be the undistributed winner among the gathered journalists and travel writers.

As Lee Sutton of Singapore’s Dynamic PR, which organized the trip, put it, savvy hotel owners simply factored the associated costs into the price of the room.

Thankfully, that was not an issue at the resort we were staying at.

Then we talked about what we liked best about our rooms, how much we enjoyed the outing on the yacht, and how our mornings faired.

Plus, the food. Let’s not forget about the wonderful lunch we were enjoying! That provided plenty for us to discuss . . .

Following lunch, we did a site tour of the property. This included visits to accommodations that were more luxurious than the ones we were housed in. Then we once again divided into two groups, one heading to the beach, the other heading to the spa.

The Andara Spa has eight spacious treatment rooms with private showers and bathroom facilities. Two are double suites with Jacuzzis. Featuring a contemporary tropical design, the interior spaces have walls paneled with silk by Jim Thompson.

A full menu of treatments – ranging from scrubs to massages to facials – is offered. Designed to relax and rejuvenate, they draw on influences from East and West.

“How was your massage?” I was asked when I emerged from my treatment room an hour later.

“I can’t remember,” I said.

“I fell fast asleep and only woke up when my therapist informed me that my treatment was over.”

Copyright: Michael Taylor Pictured: Andara Spa Photo Credit:Andara Resort & Villas 


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