Phuket Press Trip (Part 5)


Following a morning flight from Hong Kong to an afternoon on a yacht, Michael Taylor and other journalists and travel writers finally get to check out the hotel that has sponsored their Phuket adventure.

From the 45 minute taxi ride from my country abode in the northernmost Hong Kong to the three hour flight on board Dragonair to Phuket chatting with some newly met friends to spending the enitre afternoon in 42 degree heat on board a luxurious yacht, it had been quite an adventure.

I had snacked on some really tasty morsels, imbidded chilled champagne, feasted on a sumptuous buffet lunch, and treaded water in waters that the boat boys had warned me were infested with jellyfish.

I had made new friends. I had also come face to face for the first time with an old friend that I had only interacted with before by way of the Internet.

But the first day of this press trip wasn’t over quite yet.

We still hadn’t seen the object that was the purpose of our visit, the newly opened Andara Resort & Villas. I can’t remember how long it took to get from the marina to the hotel, but I believe it was about an hour.

The highlight of the trip was watching the sun sink into the Andaman Sea when we reached Kamala Beach. The skies were a symphony of reds, ambers, yellows, and oranges – orchestrated in perfect harmony.

“We will bring you back here tomorrow night so that you can take pictures,” we were informed by the organizer of our trip.

She was good for her word. We did, in fact, return the following night – cameras in tow. Would he sunset the following night live up to expectations?

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