Green Bay: Sports Bar Lays Out Welcome Mat for Oakland Raiders Fans

Weekend Sports

From the looks of its website, Duzzi’s Sports Pub in Green Bay, Wisconsin, is a hangout for Green Bay Packers fans – with a few Chicago Bears to add some interest.

However, rumour has it that all that will change this weekend before, during, and after the much anticipated matchup between the undefeated and current Super Bowl Champions, the Green Bay Packers, and the Oakland Raiders, who apparently have quite a few fans in the region.

Special Treatment?

Raider Ron of Raiders Fan Convetion fame is inviting the Raider Nation to Duzzi’s, which is usually packed with Packers fans, on Saturday 10 December 2011, the day before the game.

The fun will kick off 6 pm, and there will be live music from 9 pm until midnight.

And anyone wearing Raiders gear will get specials on drinks and discounts on food. And not only that!

Free Shuttle to Lambeau Field

Raiders fans signing up on Saturday night will get free shuttle service to and from Lambeau Field on game day – something that Packers fans have to pay US$5 for.

I’m telling you, those cheesy cheese heads must be totally GREEN with envy! And one more thing. GO RAIDERS!!!

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