Restaurant Review: Radius, an All-Day Dining Eatery in Pattaya, Thailand

Radius is the all-day dining restaurant at Cape Dara, a beachfront resort hotel in Pattaya, Thailand. Overlooking Pattaya Bay, it serves an extensive buffet with Thai and international dishes at breakfast followed by a la carte Asian and Western dishes at lunch and dinner.

Radius is the all-day dining restaurant at Cape Dara Beachfront Resort in Pattaya, Thailand. Photo Credit: Accidental Travel Writer.

Food + Beverage

During a three day visit to Pattaya, Thailand, my traveling companion and I were hosted for two nights by the Cape Dara Beachfront Resort. During our stay, we were treated to three meals at Radius, the resort hotel’s all-day dining restaurant.

On our first night, we were served a mouth-watering five-course dinner that included salad, soup, poultry, fish, and dessert.

This was followed by signature cocktails in Sphere, the hotel’s stylish cocktail lounge, which is just off the lobby.

The following day, we were offered a cooking class. On our third and final day, we were treated to a mouth-watering dim sum lunch at the resort’s fabulous Chinese restaurant.

But first …

Our Mouth-watering Dinner …

Thailand-pattaya-restauran-radius (22)

Homemade Bread – we started with homemade bread (top left), which was topped with sun-dried tomatoes, and breadsticks. There were olive oil, tomato salsa, and white sauce to dip the bread in.

Salad – our first course was a yummy Japanese salmon salad (top middle), which had swirls of smoked salmon, thick slices of avocado (my favourite!), greens, slices of carrots, and a yummy salad dressing. What a perfect way to start a meal!

Soup – a wild mushroom cappuccino (top row right) followed. It was rich, velvety, and very flavourful!

Poultry – next came Buffalo wings, deep-fried with a pungent barbecue sauce (bottom left), another one of my favourites!

Fish – pan-fried Pacific Ocean snowfish with butter sauce, mashed potatoes, and spinach (bottom middle). It was cooked to perfection!

Dessert – strawberry miller-feulle with fresh strawberries, vanilla extract, castor sugar, and strawberry sauce (bottom right). Beautifully plated and totally decadent!

The Breakfast Buffet …




Radius is one of six food and beverage outlets at Cape Dara – seven if you include Dara Club, the hotel’s version of an executive lounge.

Because I had access to the executive lounge, I preferred having breakfast there. I don’t usually eat a lot at breakfast so there was more than enough in the lounge to meet my needs and keep me happy.

Also, I prefer the more intimate environment that executive lounges usually offer. Having said that, I did sneak downstairs to take a peek at what was on offer at the breakfast buffet, where the overwhelming majority of hotel guests were having breakfast.

I knew that you might not have access to the executive lounge – or perhaps you would prefer the more generous offerings that Radius has to offer.

For the record, my traveling companion preferred breakfasting at Radius, and he raved about the quality and the variety of the dishes on offer.

The Cooking Lesson …

thailand-pattaya-capa-dara-radius-cooking-lesson (3)

As travel bloggers, my traveling companion and I were offered a hands-on cooking class, which really was the highlight of our stay as far as I was concerned.

So I guess you could say we had a “do-it-yourself” lunch!

We were taught how to prepare Phad Thai, a very popular noodle dish, which is highly popular in Thailand.

While Phad Thai is usually thought of as “street food”, it was elevated to the status of haute cuisine with the addition of Canadian lobster!

But don’t be intimidated! You can easily substitute shrimp or prawns (chicken, maybe?) for a dish that can be easily prepared at home, in the comfort of your own kitchen.

I’ve got the recipe HERE with lots of pictures, which I hope you will enjoy. I asked the hotel to translate the amounts for the convenience of home cooks.

Professional chefs prefer weight measurements because they are more accurate, but I think volume measurements are easier for home cooks. Most of us don’t have kitchen scales.

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RadiusCape Dara, 256 Dara Beach, Soi 20, Pattaya, Thailand. Tel: 66 (0) 38 933 888. Check out your favourite hotel booking website for guest reviews and hotel room rates: or

Radius: an all-day dining restaurant overlooking Pattaya Bay with extensive breakfast buffets and a la carte menus at lunch and dinner. 

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