Russia: Airline Breeds Sniffer Dogs to Enhance Airport Security

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Aeroflot Russian Airlines and Russian scientists collaborate in a fascinating project to cross-breed dogs that can significanty boost passenger safety and security at airports.

Collaboration between Russian scientists and the security dogs unit of Aeroflot Russian Airlines has resulted in a new method to detect explosives and other dangerous substances at airports.

They’re cute! They’re friendly! And they’re enthusiastic. Not only that. They don’t eat much!

But can a new breed of sniffer dogs enhance security at airports? That what Russian scientists and a Russian airline seem to think!

Russian scientists and the security dogs unit of Aeroflot Russian Airlines conducted research involving Sulimov dogs, which were specially bred for Aeroflot’s canine service division by cross-breeding two very different breeds of dog: the Arctic Herding Laika and the Subtropical Jackal.

The resulting breed combines the hardiness, loyalty, and intellgience of the Herding Laika with the Jackal’s superior sense of smell.

These specially-trained dogs live in Aeroflot’s Aviation Safety Department Canine Unit. This unit administers canine service and is an integral part of aviation safety.

Stronger Sense of Sme

Dogs are known to have a significantly stronger sense of smell than humans, but this can vary a great deal from breed to breed.

Dogs in the study were evaluated not only on how well they smelled things, but also on how they reacted and what they did when they detected a targeted substance.

The resulting information was thoroughly studied and evaluated in scientific terms.

Detecting Explosives

The innovative approach included how useful dogs would be in detecting explosives and other dangerous substances.

This knowledge can facilitate the early selection of the dogs that will be the most efficient in enhancing safety and security at airports.

The flag carrier of the Russian Federation, Aeroflot Russian Airlines flies to more than 800 domestic and international travel destinations.

Aeroflot is one of the world’s oldest airlines. During the Soviet era, the carrier was the world’s largest airline.

Following the break up of the Soviet Union in the early 1990s, the airline was divided into several regional carriers associated with the newly independent countries.

Aeroflot was the surviving airline.

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