Singaporean Hotel Has Energy Efficiency Built into Its Design

image from With perhaps as many as 1 billion people around the world set to turn off their lights for one hour tonight, it does leave one wondering if they should not be encouraged to do a bit more the rest of the year.

Park Hotel Clarke Quay in Singapore will join hotels around the world by participating in Earth Hour for the first time tonight, switching off the the lights illuminating the façade, landscaping, porte cochere, and all first floor pillars from 8.30pm to 9.30pm. 

It will also encourage its in-house guests not to have their clothes, linens, and towels laundered that day.   

“Earth Hour is indeed a unique opportunity for all of us to be part of this global climate change initiative,” says Darren Ware, general manager of Park Hotel Clarke Quay.

“Saving energy goes beyond what we do in that one hour – it’s the first step in raising awareness that even a small effort goes a long way in saving our Earth.”  

Built in Energy Efficiency

But the 336 room hotel goes beyond switching off non-essential lights for one hour once a year. Opening in 2009, it was built with energy saving features already in place. The kitchen separates garbage into separate containers to make it easier to recycle wastage into fertilizer.

Rooms have double-glazed full length windows, allowing air conditioners to consume less electricity. All taps and shower heads have built-in water-saving features. Bulbs and lights are also energy-saving. Fans in public areas have manual switches and auto timers so that they only need to used when needed. The list goes on. Pictured: The Park Hotel Clark Quay exterior (above) will go dark for one hour tonight; the hotel's club lounge (below).


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