Social Media: Implications for the Travel Industry (Part 2)

Social media is dramatically changing the way the travel industry and travelers interact.

Communication between consumers and service providers used to be relatively passive. Thanks to social media, it is becoming ever more interactive.

“As a marketing tool, social media has changed passive communication and selling to active customer engagement, setting the stage for not only how we communicate with our customers, partners, and suppliers but also the way in which we interact and market ourselves, our products, and our services,” says Robert Bailey, President and Chief Executive Officer of Singapore based Abacus International.

“In its simplest form, it is used to push out promotions and offers via Facebook and Twitter. More sophisticated travel players are offering augmented reality services that push the boundaries of reality, enhancing the traveler's experience.”

Jury Still Out

Airlines, hotels, travel agents, and tour operators are still testing the waters when it comes to how they can best leverage social media to their advantage. The jury is still out on how, exactly, things will evolve.

“Travel players who recognize the magnitude of opportunities that social media opens up for them to market their products and services, actively engage their customers as well as enrich their customer’s travel experiences, are set to ride the social media wave into the next frontier of travel,” Bailey says.

To be continued. Copyright: Michael Taylor



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