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Fans of the Carolina Panthers unite as a single, unified fan base known as the Union of the Roaring Riot in order to create a mutual support system and to help fans in other cities form fan clubs.

Carolina Panther fans across the United States have united as a single, unified fan base known as the Union of the Roaring Riot.

DC Carolina Panthers Fans in Washington, DC, for example, will now be known as the Capital Riot. URLs and Twitter handles have already been changed to reflect the new name.

“We are uniting with Panther fans in Charlotte, Raleigh, Atlanta, New Orleans, New York, and Denver as charter organizations,” says Keith Hall of Capital Riot.

We are modeling the structure of the group after the American Outlaws soccer fans. We hope this makes for a stronger fan base.”

But the existing fan clubs will not lose their autonomy.

“Instead, we are setting the foundation for what we hope is a strong fan base and support network for Panthers fans around the country,” Keith says. Resources, guidance, and help will be provided to Carolina Panther fans in other cities wanting to set up their own chapter.

Keith started the  DC group in 2004 after realizing that there were fan groups in the nation’s capital for almost every football team in the National Football League (NFL) except for the Carolina Panthers.

What started as 3 avid fans gathering in a basement bar to root for the Panthers has since grown into a network of fans with a 600-strong presence on Facebook.

“I have been friends with Zack Luttrell, who founded the Roaring Riot, a Panthers fan group that travels to away games,” Keith says.

“We met quite by accident when he was in DC for business. Since then we have worked together to spread word of Panthers groups around the country.”

Panthers 101

The Carolina Panthers are a professional American football team, which plays in the South Division of the National Football Conference (NFC) of the National Fooball League (NFL).

The football team was established in 1995 as an expansion team along with the Jacksonville Jaguars. It has won the division championship 5 times: in 1996, 2003, 2008, 2013, and 2014.

The team won the NFC conference championship in 2003, losing the Super Bowl by a close score of 29 to 32 against the New England Patriots. It is considered one of the most exciting Super Bowls of all time.

Home games are played at Bank of American Stadium in Charlotte, North Carolina. The stadium can seat more than 73,000 football fans. The team’s mascot is Sir Purr.

“This is a major coming together for all of the groups,” Keith says. “We are uniting to prove that Panther Nation is strong and growing quite well outside of the Carolinas.”


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