Sports: Where to Root for the Raiders in Baja Oakland, a.k.a. ‘San Diego’

American Football

The Oakland Raiders face their old American Football League rivals, the San Diego Chargers, twice a year, and it’s one of the few match-ups where one team enjoys a home field advantage no matter which stadium it plays in.

The Oakland Raiders have a home field advantage whenever they play at Oaktown’s notorious Black Hole – that goes without saying.

But how many teams enjoy a home field advantage when they play at the other team’s stadium?

When I was in Baja Oakland, a.k.a. ‘San Diego’, for Super Bowl XXXVII on 26 January 2003, I was surprised at how many Raider fans were roaming the streets.

And they were NOT all from Northern California or Los Angeles, which the Raiders called home for 13 years in what some have called ‘the longest road trip in sports history’.

Many of these Oakland Raider fans were locals – including the waitress that served me in the coffee shop of the motel I was staying at.

“There are a lot of Raider fans in Diego, and I’m one of them,” she told me.

A Raider fan I struck up a conversation with in the street told me the same thing.

“The football fans in San Diego are evenly split between Raider fans and Charger fans,” he said.

“When the Raiders play at Qualcomm, there are more Raider fans than Charger fans in attendance. That’s why we call it ‘Black Hole South.’”

Community Service

If San Diego has lots of Raider fans, it also has at least 2 of the most active Oakland Raiders fan clubs in the Raider Nation.

And they do more than just root for the Raiders on game days during football season. They perform valuable services for the community, as well.

“Our booster club does a lot for San Diego,” says Tiffany Baxter, a member of the South Bay Raiders Booster Club, which she says reps the Raiders in what she calls ‘South Oakland’ 365 days a year.

“Our Clean Up San Diego Blood Drive and Toy Drive and so much more that we do – we aren’t just a normal booster club. We are more like family. When people refer to our club, they always say South Bay Raiders Booster Club is one big happy family!”

And check this out! The club even has a few Charger fans in its midst.

“We also have a handful of members who are Charger fans, too,” Tiffany says.

“We are all about watching the game with our Raider Family and having a good time no matter what team you are for!”

While it’s possible to watch games in the comfort of your own home, it’s always MORE fun to watch it in the company of other fans.

Where to Watch the Game in San Diego

Here are 2 of the top spots in the San Diego area to root for the Oakland Raiders …

Members of the South Bay Raiders Booster Club root for the Raiders at Buffalo Wild Wings at Chula Vista Center in Chula Vista, California. The restaurant has 30 flat screen TVs and will put on any games that fans want to watch.

Buffalo Wild Wings, Chula Vista Center, 555 Broadway Suite 116, Chula Vista, California. Telephone: (619) 407–6205. 

Members of the Original Raiders Fan Club of San Diego root for the Raiders at Kristys MVP Sports Bar in Point Loma in San Diego, California.. The restaurant has 30 high definition TVs and will put on any game that fans want to watch.

Kristys MVP Sports Bar and Championship Grill, 3225 Midway Drive, San Diego, California. Telephone: (619) 222-0388. 


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