Five Day Tea Appreciation Course: Day One, from Hong Kong to Colombo

Sri Lanka Travelogue Part 1

Michael Taylor embarks on his first trip to Sri Lanka, which was formerly known as Ceylon. He is flown there on Singapore Airlines by the Dilmah School of Tea. He enrolls in a five module certificate course in the Appreciation of Tea.

I’m off on another exciting adventure. This one will take me to Sri Lanka, which used to be known at Ceylon. It is an important tea-producing region. 

I will be taking a five day certificate course on tea appreciation. I will attempt to blog about this in real time.

I am, in fact, in the Plaza Premium Lounge at Hong Kong International Airport. We will start boarding in about 10 minutes.

I will fly Singapore Airlines to Singapore, where we will have a nearly four hour layover. Then it off to Colombo, the capital of Sri Lanka. The total travel time – airport to airport – will be more than 10 hours.

It’s going to be a very tightly packed trip, with a late night arrival, an early morning wake-up calls each morning – and an overnight journey back home when it’s all over.


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