Singapore: US to Send Large Delegation to Asia’s Largest Air Show

As feature country, the United States will have a large presence at Singapore Airshow 2014 with 150 exhibitors, one-third the total


Airbus and Boeing Both Claim Victory in WTO Ruling

According to a press release issued by Boeing on Thursday 31 March 2011, the World Trade Organization (WTO) has ruled that European Union plane maker Airbus has enjoyed billions of euros in illegal government subsidies to fund its commercial airplane business over the last four decades. The ruling was seen in the United States as …

Boeing Meets 2009 Delivery Target

The on-going global financial crisis has had a sweeping impact throughout the world, and few industries have been harder his than aviation. There was a marked drop in demand for air travel last year, forcing many airlines to reevaluate their short to mid-term fleet requirements. According to Zagat's 2009 Airline Survey, one-third of the frequent …