Chinese Cuisine in Hong Kong: the Story Behind Dongpo Pork

Master Chef Cheng Yu of 28 Hubin Road will serve Dongpo Pork and other Hangzhou specialties at the Grand Hyatt Hong Kong November 2011.

Anhui Cuisine: China’s Best Kept Culinary Secret

Anhui cuisine, known as Hui Cai (徽菜) in Mandarin, is perhaps China’s best kept culinary secret. The flavours are rich and subtle thanks to the careful use to hams and sugared candies to enrich and deepen flavours. Wild herbs – from both the land and the sea – are frequently used. It is similar in …

Eight Great Cuisines of China

The Cantonese are reputedly China's most adventuresome eaters. According to a popular saying, they will eat anything with two wings except airplanes and anything with four legs except tables. The Hunanese like their food hot – so hot that Chairman Mao, who was born in the province, maintained that one of the reasons that so …

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